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SevenExcellence S470 pH and Conductivity Benchtop Meter

The S470 meter measures pH, conductivity, resistivity, redox/ORP, TDS, salinity, and ISFET.

SevenExcellence S470 pH
and Conductivity Benchtop Meter

The S470 meter can be expanded with additional modules to perform dissolved oxygen (DO), BOD, and ion (ISE) measurements. It has an intuitive touchscreen, measurement shortcuts, and can export data to a printer, Excel, or a LIMS system.


Full Compliance Options

Export data to a USB, Excel file, or LIMS system. The meter is also compatible with our LabX software for advanced data management and complete 21 CFR Part 11 regulatory compliance.

Error-Free Measurements

The meter automatically recognizes our intelligent (ISM) electrodes that store electrode ID and calibration data for efficient and errorfree measurements.

Modular Meter

The SevenExcellence is modular and capable of performing up to 3 measurements simultaneously! The SevenExcellence S470-model can measure pH and conductivity, and can be expanded to measure a third parameter by adding another module to the back of the unit. Measurement parameters available include pH, conductivity, ion concentration, redox/ORP, and DO/BOD.

User Friendly

A simple touchscreen with measurement and calibration shortcuts, user guidance, and intuitive menus make the SevenExcellence an easy meter to use with little to no training for operators necessary.

Automation Available

Speed up your processing times by pairing this with one of our many automation accessories for measurements and cleaning in high-throughput applications.

User Management

SevenExcellence has four levels of user management ranging from operator to administrator, each with progressively more rights. The risk of unintentional or unauthorized settings changes and results deletion is eliminated.