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SLAS 2023 New Product Award Winners Announced

Three new products received recognition from SLAS as New Product Award winners

Scott D. Hanton, PhD

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Ian Black, MSComm, MSc

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On Monday, Feb. 27, 20223 at the SLAS 2023 (Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening) exhibit, the winners for the New Product Award were announced. This award is given to products that are displayed at the conference and that show high technical merit, impact, and commercial feasibility.

This year’s winners include the heliXcyto from Dynamic Biosensors for real-time interaction cytometery, the Absorbance 96 Automate (an on-deck plate reader) from Byonoy Gmbh, and the Blink X from Blink AG for BLINK Bead test assays.

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The heliXcyto from Dynamic Biosensors provides real-time interaction cytometry of living cells, which enables the measurement of association and dissociation kinetics of specific analytes directly on cells in its native environment.

Absorbance 96 Automate 

Developed by Byonoy Gmbh, the Absorbance 96 Automate is the smallest and only on-deck modular plate reader available to high throughput labs. It is engineered to provide a massively multiplexed analysis of 96-well plates, analyzing each well simultaneously with LEDs ranging from 400–1000 nm.

Blink X

Blink AG’s Blink X is an integrated product platform that enables the Blink Bead technology to integrate sample preparation and multiple digital analyses. It is a very small footprint tool that contains six channels to utilize the bead technology to partition the sample into many independent dPCR assays.

While there were many outstanding product on display this year, it was these three that truly stood out as technological advances that will facilitate future research and development.