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Spectrophotometer Buyer's Guide 2018

7 questions to ask when buying a spectrophotometer 

by Lab Manager
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7 Questions to Ask When Buying a Spectrophotometer

  1. What samples are you measuring?
  2. What detection range and type of instrument do you require?
  3. How does your sample interact with light? Are you looking at the sample’s absorbance properties, emissive characteristics, or how it reflects or scatters?
  4. What sample characteristics are being measured?
  5. How easily can you adjust your spectrophotometer setup?
  6. How are customers supported before and after the sale?
  7. What is your budget and what kind of ROI can you get on a new system purchase?

Safety Tip

Regular maintenance of your spectrophotometer is important to ensure that it’s working properly and safely. On a regular basis, you’ll want to check parts such as control switches and buttons and other mechanical components to ensure they are undamaged and working correctly, and that any electrical components are not overheating. As with many instruments, making sure your spectrophotometer is kept clean is also important to its safe operation. If a spill does occur, make sure you follow the proper procedures for safely cleaning it up. Distilled water is normally used for rinsing cuvettes, though some may require a special cleaning solution.

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