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Top 6 Signs That You Should Service or Replace Your Stirrer

Top 6 Signs that You Should Service or Replace Your Stirrer

Your current stirrer doesn’t suit the mixtures/applications you are dealing with in the lab and/or isn’t designed for the size and shape of the vessel you are using. For example, rare-earth magnets work better for viscous mixtures and there are stirrers designed specifically for microplates.
Your stirrer is no longer reliable or accurate or doesn’t allow you to work with varying viscosities and volumes safely.
The magnetic stir bar in your current stirrer is not suited to your application or is experiencing some wear, such as flaking. Teflon stir bars, for example, aren’t as durable as bars with a hard plastic casing, which are designed to be used with granular slurries.
Your paddle and/or blades aren’t suited to your task and/or have been damaged.
The stirrer uses a brushed motor and the brushes are worn out.
You need the bells and whistles of the latest and greatest stirrers such as a wireless controller to control and monitor the stirrer.

Top 5 Questions That You Should Ask When Buying an Overhead Stirrer

  When purchasing an overhead stirrer, know the application information and the result that needs to be accomplished as this will help to determine the best stirrer fit for the application. The following would be helpful when talking to a sales rep:
What are the features and specs of the overhead stirrers available?
What type of motor is used in the stirrer? A brushless DC motor is very efficient and maintenance-free. A brushed motor contains brushes which wear and over time need replacing.
Does the manufacturing company offer application and technical support over the phone?
Have you purchased everything you need to start mixing? Sometimes stirrers are sold as kits and sometimes the stirrer motor, stand, clamp and mixing impeller accessories are sold separately.
Finally, ask about warranty and delivery to determine how quickly the new purchase will be received.

Recently Released Stirrers

Eurostar Overhead Stirrers

  • Feature a detachable impeller, digital display interface and the option of monitoring the flow properties and other parameters using labworldsoft® software
  • Can process quantities ranging from milliliters up to 200 liters
  • Include a removable digital display interface, also called Wireless Controller (Wico), which can operate the unit via Bluetooth wireless technology


Sweep Blade for Overhead Stirrers

  • Provides high viscosity, low speed mixing
  • Sweeps product from vessel wall
  • Improves process results
  • Fits on U044 Anchor paddle in 4 liter beaker and is for use with BDC1850 or BDC3030 model stirrers
  • Features a viscosity range of 0-38,000 Centipoise and a temperature maximum of 100 ° Celsius (212 ° Fahrenheit)


DrySyn MULTI Heating Block System

  • Allows scientists to perform safe, productive heating and stirring experiments with the widest possible range of laboratory glassware
  • Converts any standard hotplate stirrer into a reaction block accommodating 3 flasks of 10ml - 100ml, or up to 12 reactions in tubes or vials
  • Offer excellent heating performance to over 300°C


ST15, HS15, ST19, HS19 Hot Plates and Stirrers

  • Large 12” (30.48cm) square ceramic heater tops have a temperature range to 400°C
  • 5-position stirring units can stir 5-800ml beakers and the 9-position units can stir 9-500ml beakers of aqueous solutions
  • Stirring units feature stirring range from 100 to 1500 rpm
  • Units available with voltages and agency certifications for use all over the world

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