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Submit Your Pittcon 2016 Conferee Networking Topics

If you have an idea for a Conferee Networking Session, Pittcon wants to hear from you

by Pittcon
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Submit your idea to Pittcon by August 31, 2015.

These 90-minute sessions provide a unique networking opportunity for attendees with similar interests to meet and resolve problems, discuss new techniques, or brainstorm new ideas in an informal setting.

Get training in Networking and Influence and earn CEUs.One of over 25 IACET-accredited courses in the Academy.
Networking and Influence Course

Wondering what the benefits are of hosting a Conferee Networking session?

• Increase awareness of a specific topic or issue

• Find solutions to a problem or brainstorm for new ideas

• Network with other professionals interested and/or experienced with a topic

• Recognition on the Pittcon 2016 website and in the Pittcon 2016 program 

The Conferee Networking Committee is especially interested in proposed sessions on: 

Particular instrumentation/technique/cohort discussion group (i.e., LC-MS users’ group, educators’ discussion group, lab managers’ discussion group, etc.)

“Hot topics” in analytical chemistry (i.e., lab on a chip, social media in analytical chemistry, analytical support for oil/gas drilling, analytical chemistry in forensics and/or homeland security, etc.)

In-demand areas such as pharmaceuticals, environmental, energy/fuels, nanotechnology, biomedical/biosensors, and food science. 

Get scheduling details and submission instructions 

 If you have any questions or need additional information, please send an email to