A 3D-Printable Material That Mimics Biological Tissues

by University of Colorado Denver
University of Colorado scientists are the first to 3D print a complex, porous lattice structure using liquid crystal elastomers, creating devices that can finally mimic biological tissues

Personalized Microrobots Deliver Drugs to Cells

by American Institute of Physics
Using a substrain of E. coli MG 1655 and nanoscale red blood cell membranes, researchers created tiny biohybrid swimmers that could personalize drug delivery to treat tumors

The Unchanging Viscosity of Cells

by The Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences
New research, although basic, may contribute to the development of completely new diagnostic and therapeutic methods

Opening up DNA to Delete Disease

by American Institute of Physics

Custom-built molecules enable editing of genes previously obscured by DNA's innately protective structure