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Penn State University

The Disease Behind the Ice Bucket Challenge

by Penn State
The ice-bucket challenge that was all over social media a few weeks ago raised about $100 million for ALS, a devastating, fatal motor neuron disease. But how much do those who participated and donated really know about the condition, diagnosis and treatment?

Tilted Acoustic Tweezers Separate Cells Gently

by Penn State
Precise, gentle and efficient cell separation from a device the size of a cell phone may be possible thanks to tilt-angle standing surface acoustic waves, according to a team of engineers.

Super-Stretchable Yarn is Made of Graphene

by Penn State
A simple, scalable method of making strong, stretchable graphene oxide fibers that are easily scrolled into yarns and have strengths approaching that of Kevlar is possible, according to Penn State and Shinshu University, Japan, researchers.

Strongly Interacting Electrons in Wacky Oxide Synchronize to Compute Like the Brain

by Penn State
Current computing is based on binary logic – zeroes and ones – also called Boolean computing. A new type of computing architecture that stores information in the frequencies and phases of periodic signals could work more like the human brain to do computing using a fraction of the energy of today's computers.