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piezoelectric cells

Borrowing from Whales to Engineer a New Fluid Sensor

by University of Alabama in Huntsville
How can a humpback whale and a device that works on the same principle as the clicker that starts your gas grill help an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) fly longer and with more stability?

Researchers Develop World’s Thinnest Electric Generator

by Georgia Institute of Technology
Researchers from Columbia Engineering and the Georgia Institute of Technology have reported the first experimental observation of piezoelectricity and the piezotronic effect in an atomically thin material, molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), resulting in a unique electric generator and mechanosensation devices that are optically transparent, extremely light, and very bendable and stretchable.

Relax! Slip on an Electric Vest to Knead Away Stress

by Olivia M. Hall - Cornell University News Office
Anxiety? No problem. An electric vest can rub away your stress-filled day. Three Cornell students have developed a garment – embedded with piezoelectric cells and tiny motors – that gently massages the back and shoulders, mimicking a human touch.