18-Hour Year Planet on Edge of Destruction

by University of Warwick
Astronomers from the University of Warwick have observed an exoplanet orbiting a star in just over 18 hours, the shortest orbital period ever observed for a planet of its type

Water Common—yet Scarce—in Exoplanets

by University of Cambridge

Researchers found that while water vapor is common in the atmospheres of many exoplanets, the amounts were surprisingly lower than expected

Martian Landslides Not Conclusive Evidence of Ice

by University College London

Research findings show for the first time that the unique structures on Martian landslides could have formed at high speeds of up to 360 kilometres per hour due to underlying layers of unstable, fragmented rocks

Team Unravels Origin, Chemical Makeup of Titan's Dunes

by University of Hawaii at Manoa

Whereas Earth's dunes are made of silicates or the largest class of minerals, imaging studies revealed that Titan's dunes contain dark organics of until now undetermined origin and chemical composition