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Melvin Gordon, Tootsie Roll CEO and Research Supporter Dies

by Matt Wood-University of Chicago News Office

Melvin Gordon, longtime CEO of Chicago-based Tootsie Roll Industries, died this week at the age of 95. He ran the candy maker for more than 50 years and never technically retired, becoming the oldest serving CEO of any business listed on either U.S. stock exchange. 

China Headed to Overtake EU, US in Science & Technology Spending


Squeezed R&D budgets in the EU, Japan and US are reducing the weight of advanced economies in science and technology research, patent applications and scientific publications and leaving China on track to be the world’s top R&D spender by around 2019, according to a new OECD report.

2014 Life Sciences Salary Survey

by Jyoti Madhusoodanan

This year’s data reveal notable variation in compensation for life scientists working in different fields, sectors, and regions of the world.

Want to Do Research in Brazil?

by Wayne State University

Fulbright-Brazil Scientific Mobility Awards are available for U.S. scholars and professionals. The deadline to apply is Aug. 1.