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Soft Skin-Like Robots You Can Put in Your Pocket

by University of Bristol
New advance could create new thin and light robots for environmental monitoring and deployment in hazardous environments, robot grippers for delicate objects, and new wearable technologies

Magnetic Skin Ensures the Force Is with You

by King Abdullah University of Science & Technology
A novel artificial skin developed at KAUST is wearable, flexible, lightweight, and magnetized, making it useful in a variety of applications without the need for a wired connection to other devices

Shark Skin Microbiome Resists Infection

by King Abdullah University of Science & Technology
In the wild, blacktip reef sharks are often seen bearing wounds, but they rarely exhibit obvious signs of infection around the wounds

Artificial Skin Creates First Ticklish Devices

by University of Bristol
The Skin-On interface, developed by researchers at the University of Bristol in partnership with Telecomm ParisTech and Sorbonne University, mimics human skin in appearance but also in sensing resolution