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University of Virginia

Chemical Engineer Grows Human Cells in Hydrogels

Kyle Lampe, an assistant professor of chemical engineering in the University of Virginia’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, is growing cells in three-dimensional hydrogels, an environment closer than petri dishes to how cells grow on their own. He can control the hydrogel’s softness or stiffness, and by raising the cells in a three-dimensional solution, the cells react more closely to how they would in nature

Groundbreaking Nanomedicine Program Creates Opportunities for Undergraduates

When it comes to the future of medicine, small is indeed beautiful. Working at the nanoscale, tens of thousands of researchers are in a race to develop tiny nanoparticles, nanodevices and nanopatterned surfaces for medical applications. Their goals are both comprehensive and ambitious. They are hoping to create drugs that stop disease processes at the molecular level where they start, engineer drug delivery systems that are small enough to reach deep within the body and build scaffolding and textured surfaces that the body can use to regenerate lost or damaged tissue.