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workplace discrimination

Overweight Women Lose in the Labor Market, Study Says

by Vanderbilt University
Overweight women are more likely to work in lower-paying and more physically demanding jobs; less likely to get higher-wage positions that include interaction with the public; and make less money in either case compared to average size women and all men, according to a new Vanderbilt study.

Should Women 'Man Up' for Male-Dominated Fields?

by Michigan State University
Women applying for a job in male-dominated fields should consider playing up their masculine qualities, indicates new research by Michigan State University scholars that’s part of a series of studies on bias in the hiring process. 

Academic Workplace Bias Against Parents Hurts Nonparents Too

by Rice University
The study, “Consequences of Flexibility Stigma Among Academic Scientists and Engineers,” examined “flexibility stigma” — employers’ and co-workers’ negative attitudes toward employees who seek or are presumed to need flexible work arrangements to deal with child care responsibilities