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Take Charge of Your Unruly Inner Critic

Have you ever found yourself wrapped up in the fear of looking stupid in front of others?

by Susan Friedmann
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Have you ever found yourself wrapped up in the fear of looking stupid in front of others, especially family, friends or co-workers? Do you worry about what people think of you?

Chances are that no matter who you are, or where you in live in the world, at some point in your life you’ve probably had a few or multiple unwelcome visits from your inner voice, better known as your inner critic.

This voice presents itself in the form of critical and judgmental thoughts, which sneak up on you when you least expect them. They have a nasty habit of holding you hostage, to the point of obsessive or even paralyzing thoughts.

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This voice spews out humiliation, criticism, and reminders that you’re not good enough. You’re a failure. It judges and disapproves of the way you live your life.

Does this sound familiar?

For many people, struggle, restlessness, and unhappiness go hand-inhand with living. They’re rarely happy because they constantly want something they don’t have.

Recently, I realized that the chatter in my mind has no power without my consent. It’s simply a collection of ideas, beliefs, comments, explanations, judgments, worries, fears, fantasies and dreams. They are based completely on my experience of the world, and the people who have influenced me the most.

This critical voice sometimes guides me into savvy decision-making. But more often than not, it rears its ugly head and presents nasty irrational beliefs that ridicule me about the choices I’ve made and—with my permission of course— it stands in the way of my doing something that, deepdown, I would love to do.

How much time do you spend listening to the voice in your head that shares spiteful thoughts to annoy or even anger you? These thoughts or disempowering beliefs can play havoc with your life. They make you think there’s something wrong with you and, as such, can affect every part of your life. In fact, we’re often our own worst enemy.

Yet there are many people who seem to be full of confidence, taking every setback in their stride, and never losing composure? What’s their secret?

In the webinar session, “How to Take Charge of Your Unruly Inner Critic: 7 Catalysts to Living a Richer Happier Life” on December 4th, you’ll discover seven powerful keys to change your thinking to unlock the innate power within you to be awesome.

This session is packed full of inspirational and practical advice to challenge old beliefs, robotic behaviors, habits and patterns that no longer serve you.

If you’re willing to learn a few simple techniques and let go of some old ways of thinking, you can unlock your power to make profound changes in your life—no matter what your circumstances and no matter how impossible it may seem to you right now.

Once you have the keys, you can immediately start driving your life in the direction that’s most inspiring and joyful to you. You can attract the opportunities and experiences you desire, follow your innermost dreams, and enjoy the miracle of life.

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