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July/August 2011 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments and system introductions to the laboratory market.

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Micro GC

  • Engineered to deliver lab-quality GC performance wherever you need fast accurate GC measurements
  • Ensures fast and accurate on-line gas analysis at ppm-level sensitivity.
  • Up to four user-installable plug-and-play GC channels
  • Extensive remote control and I/O capability, for reliable unattended operation.


Anion-Exchange Hydroxide Selective Column
IonPac® AS25

  • Available in 4 × 250 mm, 2 × 250 mm and 0.4 × 250 mm formats
  • Elimination of solvents reduces waste disposal costs
  • Ultralow hydrophobicity allows fast analysis of polarizable anions
  • Separates hydrophobic anions in approximately 25 min. without the use of solvent


Product Spotlight
A Revolution in ICP-OES

New system optimizes sample introduction and enhances plasma stability

PerkinElmer’s new Optima ™ 8x00 ICPOES series is a highly sensitive, rapid technique used to determine the elemental composition of a wide variety of sample types. The new platform offers improved performance and reduced operating costs for analysis of environmental, food, pharmaceutical, product safety, and geochemical samples

With exceptional throughput and detection limits, the Optima 8x00 series can drive down the cost of ownership through an innovative radio frequency generator technology that dramatically reduces argon consumption.

“With the new Flat Plate™ Plasma Technology, we have been able to dramatically reduce argon consumption. As a result, researchers will not only spend less money on argon gas consumption, they will spend less time changing argon tanks thus minimizing their ‘downtime’,” said Charles A. Schneider, Inorganic Product Planning Manager at PerkinElmer, Inc.

“The innovative PlasmaCam™ Viewing camera also permits Optima users to visualize the plasma such that they can optimize it to improve and speed up method development. Also, this novel tool enhances remote diagnostic capabilities for PerkinElmer applications specialists and service engineers who support our customers,” added Schneider.

“In addition, with the e-Neb™ Sample Introduction tool, the Optima is able to deliver superior instrument stability and lower detection limits through the generation of a constant flow of small uniform droplets.”

Built around the proven design of the Optima platform, the 8x00 series delivers breakthrough performance through cutting edge technology that optimizes sample introduction, enhances plasma stability, simplifies method development and dramatically reduces operating costs.

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Cation-Exchange Column
IonPac® CS19

  • Gradient separation of polar and moderately hydrophobic amines
  • Allows analysis of a variety of amines in complex sample matrices
  • Available in 0.4 × 250 mm, 4 × 250 mm, and 2 × 250 mm formats
  • Produces excellent peak efficiencies and symmetries
  • Capillary and microbore formats offer the advantage of less eluent consumption


Low-Pressure Gradient Unit for Nexera UHPLC

  • 130 MPa high-pressure resistant gradient system
  • Allows users to switch automatically between four mobile phases
  • Features excellent retention time repeatability
  • Automatic method switching assured with automatic purging and baseline check functions


Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
iCE 3300GF

  • Provides high levels of sensitivity and efficiency for trace elemental analysis
  • Capable of reaching parts per billion detection limits for a wide range of elements
  • Additional or alternative option for laboratories using flame AA or ICP, but requiring higher sensitivity
  • Wizard-driven SOLAAR software provides simplicity and accessibility

Thermo Fisher Scientific

UPLC System
ACQUITY UPLC® I-Class System

  • Reduced system volume decreases dispersion
  • Delivers reproducibly higher resolution and superior peak capacity
  • Low dispersion footprint allows users to reduce their separation cycle times
  • Design and materials dramatically reduce sample carryover effects


Basic Lab

A2 Safety Cabinets
1300 Series

  • Now available in three and five-foot widths that maximize internal work space while minimizing the external footprint
  • Feature the new NSF-approved SmartPort
  • Choice of stainless steel or SmartCoat interiors and eightinch or ten-inch work apertures
  • Digital Airflow Verification (DAVe) system increases safety

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Ergonomic Pipette and Tip System

  • Provides light-touch dispensing and tip ejection for superior ergonomic performance and reliability
  • Provides innovative tip interface
  • Delivers consistent liquid dispensing while maintaining a secure seal
  • Hydrophobic inner surface prevents liquid retention

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Calibration Gas Generator
Dynacalibrator® Model 150

  • Compact calibrator is capable of delivering the precise concentrations required
  • Digital temperature controller maintains chamber temperature at set point with an accuracy of ±0.01°C
  • Reduced flow path volume permits low concentration generation of mercury and water
  • Allows the removal of a single component from a gas mixture

VICI Metronics

Life Science

Nucleic Acid Purification System
KingFisher® Duo

  • Produces high yields of quality nucleic acids from a variety of starting materials
  • Small benchtop footprint is ideal for space-restricted laboratories
  • Able to process a variety of sample types in volumes up to 5 mL
  • Ideal for research and diagnostic labs that require nucleic acid purification

Thermo Fisher Scientific

LIMS & Software

Downloadable Protocol Library
SkanIt Software Protocols

  • Includes software protocols capable of running commercially available or frequently used assays using a Multiskan GO microplate spectrophotometer equipped with SkanIt Software
  • PC software controls the instrument and performs calculations to measure data
  • Protocols have been developed to work only with the SkanIt Software in the 96-well microplate format

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

  • Provides Cloud or “local” software platform for storage and collaboration of laboratory data
  • Web-based SaaS product allows all users to be automatically upgraded to the latest edition at no charge
  • Licensed LabArchives users on a local server also receive upgrades free of charge
  • New release enables users to directly store their experimental data and analysis into LabArchives notebooks
  • Available in both Free and Premium versions


Information Management System
Track-IT™ 4.6

  • Enables reorganizing and tracking tubes and samples in just minutes
  • Compatible with most commercial barcode readers, scanners and tubesorter systems
  • Catalogues and organizes sample
  • Empowers laboratory scientists to manage sample data and information easily


Software for Autosorb iQ Gas Sorption Analyzer
AsiQWin ver2

  • Includes six new pore size calculation models
  • Includes new, intelligent “wizard” that automatically selects data points to be used in the B.E.T surface area calculation
  • Choose to have the Autosorb-iQ automatically re-measure the system’s effective void volume

Quantachrom Instruments