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December 2009 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments and system introductions to the laboratory market.

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Post Column Derivatization Kits

  • Facilitates post column chemical derivatization
  • Includes PTFE knitted reactor coil, a column jacket and “T” connector for mixing analyte with derivatization agents
  • Comes with a knitted reactor coil 5 meters long x 0.5 mm ID in a 4” long column jacket
  • An optional water circulator controls the temperature of the post column chemical derivatization reaction

Aura Industries

Flow-through Scintillator for Radio-HPLC Systems

  • Achieves excellent counting efficiency for tritium and carbon-14 samples
  • Features low-viscosity, bio-degradable formulation
  • Offers fluidity and clarity
  • Nearly odorless with low toxicity

IN/US Systems


Correlative Microscopy Tool
Combines Atmospheric Scanning Electron Microscope With Light Microscope

JEOL’s new ClairScope™ enables uncompromised observation of samples in their native state using a light microscope (LM) and an atmospheric scanning electron microscope (ASEM) to significantly reduce sample prep time and allow dynamic observation of real time processes.

The wide-field light microscope with emersion lens is co-axially aligned with the inverted electron column, making it easy to switch between LM and ASEM without moving the specimen dish. Samples can be observed dynamically at room temperature and at atmosphere, without having to wait for drying processes.

The specimen dish features an ultrathin SiN (silicon nitride) film window that separates the sample in atmosphere from the vacuum in the ASEM. An electron beam is projected from below to the sample on the film for high resolution imaging of the sample in atmosphere. The dish also makes it possible to add reagents, drugs and other substances to the sample in order to observe reactions in both liquid and gas environments.

Ideal for the life science and materials industries, dynamic processes such as platelet generation, microbe growth, crystallization, electrochemical reactions and dendrite growth can be followed in real time. No other products, add-ons or consumables are required, other than the sample holders.

For more information, visit Donna Guarrera, assistant director SM Division at JEOL, can be reached at, or by phone at 978-535-5900.

Moisture and Ash Analysis
Multiple Sample TGA Method

  • Reduces analysis time and cost
  • Eliminates previous macro batch TGA limitations
  • Allows samples of different composition, size or weight to be analyzed
  • Two furnaces can be supplied to analyze moisture and ash simultaneously
  • Each furnace maintains a constant temperature

Navas Instruments

Selective Extraction of Nitroimidazoles from Food Samples

  • Reduces ion suppression
  • Offers stable performance over broad pH ranges and high temperatures
  • Features robust and rapid methodology
  • Provides researchers a way of achieving lower detection limits for confirmatory analysis

Sigma-Aldrich and MIP Technologies

Toy Analysis for Consumer Safety
iCAP 6200 ICP Spectrometer

  • Offers simple ‘out-of-box’ operation for rugged and consistent day-to-day sample analysis
  • Features compact design and simultaneous dual-view ICP emission spectrometer
  • Provides cost-effective analytical solution in labs with standard sample throughput requirements
  • Offers pre-optimized sample introduction settings and analysis-ready software method templates

Thermo Fisher Scientific

GC Leak Detector

  • Designed for use with GC systems and their accessories, such as purge and trap systems
  • Detects smallest gas leaks (
  • Features thin, pencil-tip probe to pinpoint the leak site in hard-to-reach locations
  • Offers side grips for added durability and one-handed operation

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Microscope-Based Analysis and Documentation System
Particle Analyzer

  • Features easier operation and increased reproducibility of measurements
  • Enables fully automatic measurement without user intervention
  • Typification has been optimized to make manual correction unnecessary
  • Quality of batch-to-batch results can be guaranteed, regardless of change in user

Carl Zeiss


Rotary Cone Sample Divider

  • Allows for more precise particle characterization and fewer errors
  • Through cone rotation, sample material is spread out radially and evenly over 360°
  • Dividing head can be removed from the drive shaft for easy cleaning
  • Available in three versions for division ratios of 1:8, 1:10 or 1:30


Thermocouple Thermometers
TCAT-2 Portable

  • Temperature range of -100 to +200°C
  • Thermocouple monitoring thermometers (range of -10 to +60°C) offer one, two, three or five probe inputs
  • TCAT-2 temperature controller detects temperature range of -100 to +400°C
  • TCAT-2 is ideal for maintaining animal body temperature during surgery or stererotaxic procedures

Harvard Apparatus

Vortex Mixer

  • Low profile design and rubber feet allow for excellent stability and minimal vibration and sliding
  • Includes built-in safety device for overload protection
  • Features orbital motion and adjustable speed range of up to 3,000 RPM
  • Highly sensitive touch switch reduces operator fatigue

Jeio Tech

Class II Biological Safety Cabinet
LabGard ES (Energy Saver

  • Features DC/ECM motor to consume less energy, minimize vibration and lower noise output
  • Includes HEPEX Zero Leak Airflow System to ensure uniform airflow and proper filter loading
  • Made of 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel as a single piece shell, eliminating leaks
  • Choice of three control panel options, all with TouchLink LCD touch screen controls


Microplate Sealer
MiniSeal Plus

  • Does not require compressed air supply; electronically operated through splash-proof keypad
  • Features automatic plate height detection and pre-cut sealing films
  • Proprietary microplate insertion “drawer” ensures quiet operation and eliminates health and safety risks
  • Can be used with any ANSI/SBS standard footprint plate up to 48mm high and with most PCR plates

Porvair Sciences

Bench-Top Cold Plates

  • Includes PID temperature control with remote sensing, adjustment of surface temperature within +0.1°C, temperature cycling and RS-232 communications
  • In addition to capability to cool to low temperatures, heating is standard to above 90°C
  • A Cold Well can be secured for 1,000 ml round Boston bottles
  • Other models: AHP-301CPV (small version) and AHP-1200DCP (dual cold plate version)


Automated Liquid Handling & Robotics
Multichannel Arm™ 384

  • Offers a range of plate formats, including 96- and 384-well plates
  • Each channel features a broad volume range of 0.5 μl to 125 μl
  • Pipetting into 1,536-well plates can be performed using 15 μl disposable tips or the fixed tip adapter
  • Pipetting arm can be mounted onto proprietary Freedom™ EVO 100, 150 and 200 liquid handlers


Stirring Hot Plate

  • Ability to heat and stir five 800ml beakers at a rate of 100 to 1500 rpm
  • Five-position plate has individual stirring control for each vessel
  • Features temperature range to 450°C
  • Large 12” square ceramic surface can support up to 50 pounds

Torrey Pines Scientific

Pulsed Discharge Helium Ionization Detector
D-3-I-HP and D-3-I-7890

  • Includes Valco helium purifier for best possible sensitivity
  • Suitable for use with columns from 50 micron capillaries to 1/8” packed
  • Non-radioactive, non-destructive, highly sensitive and universal
  • No open flame, no hydrogen requirement and close-to-true-mass response

Valco Instruments


Direct Detection of DNA Damage in Cells

  • Complete system includes CometSlides™, reagents, control cells and an electrophoresis unit
  • Allows the integrity of stained nuclear DNA to be examined and measured
  • Assay system retains test cells in a uniquely configured electrophoretic field permitting consistent DNA migration patterns
  • Each lot of control cells, reagents and CometSlides is tested and qualified for use in the CometAssay™ system


Molecular Imaging System
Optix® MX3

  • Sensitive enough to detect target signals deep within the organs of small animals
  • Features Time Domain imaging, which uses an ultra-short laser pulse to differentiate between photons
  • Offers a wavelength detection range of 450 nm to 900 nm
  • CT fusion software allows researchers to export a scan in DICOM format and fuse it with micro-CT for a 3D anatomical reference

ART Advanced Research Technologies


Protein Crystal Analysis
Analyze Crystals With X-Ray, Polarized or UV Light

Producing and analyzing protein crystals is time-consuming and expensive, but sometimes very necessary—specifically for targeted drug development, where it is essential to know the three-dimensional structures of proteins. Greiner Bio-One has developed a new platform for Counter Diffusion Crystallography that produces high-quality pure crystals from proteins. CrystalSlide allows for the production of protein crystals in a concentration gradient, in a practical slide format.

Greiner Bio-One’s CrystalSlide features twelve microstructured channels per slide for counter diffusion experiments. Filling reservoirs are optimized for the use of Greiner Bio-One crystal tips, but they can be filled manually with a pipette. The slides can be used in automated systems, combined with a frame in a standard microplate format, and automated handling is easier due to four slides in a slide holder with standard microplate footprint.

Offering low protein consumption, easy handling and in-situ crystal screening, CrystalSlide requires a low sample volume—only 600 nL—which can help lower the costs associated with protein crystallization.

The contents of CrystalSlide can be viewed under any conventional microscope. With a thickness of 0.6 millimeters, the polyolefin slides feature exceptional optical characteristics and low birefringence. They are permeable to X-rays for in-situ analysis of protein crystals, and are suitable for applications with polarized and UV light.

For more information, visit Product Scientist Dr. Ulrike Honisch can be reached at or by phone at +49/(0) 7022/948-420.



Automated Petri Dish Filler

  • Integrated shaker function provides a solution for pour plate applications
  • Features “Agar Spread Function” for homogenous distribution and even agar surface
  • Allows for the conversion of the Petri dish pourer into a test tube filler in just a minute
  • Available IMAJE 9020 inkjet printer module to imprint Petri dishes with various information, such as text, expiry/production dates or barcodes

Integra Biosciences

Whole Genome Amplification (WGA)
PicoPlex™ Single Cell WGA kit

  • Targets pre-implantation genetic diagnostics (PGD), cancer research and stem cell research markets
  • Labs can begin gPCR, microarray or sequencing analysis less than three hours after sample collection
  • Amplifies DNA from single cells to produce five micrograms of amplified DNA in less than three hours

Rubicon Genomics

Multi-element Probes
Vibra-Cell Ultrasonic Processor

  • Used with automated sample preparation system to process deepwell microplates
  • Addresses the needs of researchers involved with nucleic and protein extraction
  • Can be used with automated systems to deliver uniform energy to microplates with up to 96 wells
  • Probes are made from titanium alloy Ti-6A1-4V and are autoclavable

Sonics & Materials

UV Crosslinker
Select™ XLE Series

  • Covalently binds nucleic acids to membranes in less than 30 seconds
  • Features “smart” fully programmable microprocessor and built-in “help” messages
  • Ensures optimum membrane binding, even as tubes age
  • Features five 8-watt tubes and is available in 254nm, 312nm and 365nm versions


Stem Cell Culture Bioreactor
Rotary Cell Culture System™

  • Capable of expanding embryonic stem cells, cord blood stem cells and bone marrow stem cells
  • Cells placed in the bioreactor experience minimal mechanical stress and high mass transport of nutrients and oxygen
  • Features variable speed motor drives with tachometer, and a choice of autoclavable vessels
  • Compatible with proprietary batch culture vessels from 10 mL to 500 mL


Modular Automated Sample Store

  • Offers high speed cherry-picking, to deliver any sample within 5 seconds
  • Features modular design to allow easy expansion from 50,000 samples to 1.2 million
  • Hermetically sealed storage chamber features inert nitrogen atmosphere kept at -20°C
  • Samples can be delivered up to 15m away from comPOUND

TTP LabTech


Natural Gas Analysis (NGA)
Clarity Chromatography Software version 2.8

  • Launch Manager utility allows using Clarity with predefined profiles and different user preferences
  • Features new OQ Validation Wizard, which guides a user through operational qualification
  • NGA extension performs compression factor, mean molecular weight, density, Wobbe index, etc.
  • Compatible with Windows 7


Automated Method Development Software
ChromSwordAuto® and Chromeleon® CDS

  • Features automatic search for optimal separation conditions including column switching, solvent selection and gradient optimization
  • Options can be set in ChromSwordAuto interface and automatically transferred to Chromeleon software
  • Allows combining proprietary UltiMate® 3000 instruments with ChromSword tools
  • Ideal for tasks such as method scouting, impurity profiling, fine optimization and robustness tests


Service Pack 7

  • Includes more than 100 enhancements, including an enhanced graphical user interface
  • Features advanced calculation verification capabilities and native crystal reports support
  • Includes Microsoft Windows Vista support
  • Features extended dashboard data table and worklist


Enterprise Electronic Laboratory Notebook
Symyx Notebook 6.3

  • Adds parallel chemistry support for synthetic and medicinal chemistry to previous versions
  • Supports in-depth chemical representation combined with library enumeration capabilities
  • Enables solid phase organic synthesis through implementation of loading units and calculations
  • Supports exact and substructure searching


Microscope Digital Imaging Software
AxioVision Physiology

  • Experiment parameters such as capturing frequency can be changed during image capture
  • Direct software control of external components is possible via TTL signals
  • Supports various, quickly switchable light sources like Colibri or Sutter DG4
  • Capable of combining with proprietary Cell Observer microscope system

Carl Zeiss


Reverse Transcription and Real-time PCR
iScript RT-qPCR Sample Preparation Reagent

  • Employs selective lysis of cell membrane while leaving nuclear membrane intact to achieve DNA-free RNA within five to 10 minutes
  • Offers sensitive detection of high-, medium- and low-copy gene targets directly from cell lysates
  • Enables multiplex real-time detection of up to four targets from as few as 10 cells
  • RNA isolated with iScript RT-qPCR is stable for up to six months when stored at -20°C


Syringe Filters
Clarity High Performance

  • Available in four membrane types: Nylon, Teflon (PTFE), Polyvinyldifluoride (PVDF) and Polyethersulfone (PES)
  • Housed in inert polypropylene and are ultrasonically welded for leak-proof seal
  • Available with or without glass fiber prefilters
  • Conical design evenly supports the filter and increases open filtration area by 31%

Environmental Express

2 mL Compound Storage Plate

  • Provides high integrity sample sealing and near zero well-to-well cross contamination
  • Manufactured from ultra-pure grade polypropylene under clean room conditions
  • Contains no contaminants that can leach into stored samples
  • Complies with ANSI/SBS dimensions, ensuring compatibility with all microplate readers, washers and automated equipment

Porvair Sciences

HPLC Vials

  • The 1.5 mL and 4 mL sample vials use a PTFE/silicone septum
  • Uniformity of vial bottom thickness ensures consistent needle depth from run to run and minimizes user intervention
  • A 6 mm opening provides a better target for an autosampler’s needle and makes filling easier
  • Available in 1 mL, 1.5 mL, 4 mL, 13 mL, 200 μL and 300 μL sizes