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June 2010 Technology News

The latest equipment, instrument and system introductions to the laboratory market.

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Spectroscopy and Thermal Analysis Platform

  • Reveals the chemical composition of samples at the nanoscale
  • An integrated video microscope allows users to find features of interest on sample mounted on a zinc selenide prism
  • Samples can be easily exchanged without tools in less than a minute
  • Integrates topographic, spectroscopic, mechanical and thermal property mapping

Anasys Instruments

Diffuse Reflectance Probe

  • Designed for the analysis of powders, slurries and other diffusely reflecting materials
  • Variable offset feature allows optimum sample distances to be set anywhere between 30 and 100 nm
  • Features a bifurcated 80 fiber-optic bundle for increased sensitivity and efficiency
  • Proprietary optical design provides high sensitivity, low stray light and large depth-of-field

Axiom Analytical

Product Spotlight


ICP-MS For Elemental Analysis
Triple-Cone Technology Delivers Improved Stability

The NexION 300™ inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer from PerkinElmer, with Universal Cell Technology, features three modes of operation—Standard, Collision and Reaction— and can be quickly switched from one mode to another, allowing users to choose the proper method for a specific sample or application.

Standard Mode is ideal for simple and routine analyses while Collision Mode—with Kinetic Energy Discrimination—is useful for semiquantitative analyses, environmental sample monitoring and testing unfamiliar samples. Reaction Mode, featuring a scanning quadrupole, offers the ultimate detection limits for difficult elements, such as arsenic, magnesium and chromium.

“This allows the user to select the best technique for his/her needs in a good, better, best approach,” said Chuck Schneider, Inorganic Business Manager at PerkinElmer. “The combination of triple cone technology and quadrupole ion deflector deliver dramatically improved stability.”

In addition to the sampler cone and skimmer cone generally found on other ICP-MS systems, NexION 300 also features a hyper-skimmer cone for a tightly defined ion beam.

The device has been engineered to remove un-ionized material so that its cell does not require routine cleaning. “This allows more uptime for the lab, which translates into improved sample throughput,” added Schneider

For more information, visit Chuck Schneider, Inorganic Business Manager, can be reached at

Protein Standards
Precision Plus Protein™ Dual Xtra

  • Provides 12 reference bands from 2 kD to 250 kD
  • 12 dual-color bands facilitate straightforward analysis of orientation of proteins in the gel and on the blot
  • Allows researchers to use just one molecular weight standard
  • Naturally fluorescent dyes can also be used for fluorescent multiplexing


Amino Acid Analyzers
30+ Series

  • Based on ion exchange with post column derivitization with Ninhydrin
  • Identify and quantify free amino acids, as well as amino acid composition of proteins and peptides
  • A combination of 5 lithium citrate buffers achieves a full amino acid profile in less than 90 minutes
  • Total PC control allows 24/7 operations


Immobilized Polysaccharide Columns

  • Help to develop new separations and attain high levels of enantioselective recognition of chiral molecules
  • All three models are based on high-efficiency 5-μm diameter spherical silica
  • Offer enhanced compound solubility, greater column stability and novel column selectivity
  • Available in a wide range of column dimensions

Chiral Technologies

Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer

  • Used to measure and monitor the distribution of bubble sizes and void fractions in liquids
  • Capability for bubble sizes ranging from 10 to 500 microns
  • The acoustic technique is very sensitive to bubbles and is not fooled by the presence of particulate matter
  • Features two tranducers–one to transmit and one to receive a series of short frequency bursts


NanoVue™ Plus

  • Measures volumes as low as 0.5 μl due to “drop and measure” sample plate
  • Does not require cuvettes or capillaries
  • Hydrophobic sample plate enables easy sample recovery and cleaning
  • Features a wide wavelength range from 200 to 1,100 nm

GE Healthcare

JT Baker® HPLC-9012

  • Specifically designed for HPLC and LC/MS applications
  • Gradient elution tested at 254 nm, meeting ACS specifications for general use, liquid chromatography suitability and UV spectrophotometry
  • Interference-free, low baseline noise at 210 nm and 254 nm


Scientific-grade Spectrometer

  • Uses a Hamamatsu FFT-CCD detector, providing 90% quantum efficiency
  • Features an onboard programmable micro-controller with 10 user-programmable digital inputs/outputs
  • For full UV-Shortwave NIR coverage, an HC-1 composite grating is available
  • A proprietary low-BRDF bench coating to improve stray light performance is also available

Ocean Optics

C18 Columns
Clarity® Oligo-MS™

  • For rapid and efficient LC/MS characterization and quality control of synthetic RNA and DNA
  • Impurities in complex synthetic mixtures can be separated from the peak of interest in less than 10 minutes
  • Packed with either 2.6 μm or 1.7 μm particles
  • Provide twice the efficiency of fully porous 3-micron columns and three times the efficiency of fully porous 5-micron columns


Ultra-High Performance LC

  • Features high-speed injection (10 second cycle time)
  • Offers near-zero carryover (0.0015% without rinsing)
  • Modular design enables numerous system configurations
  • Features a micro-volume pre-heater to minimize band broadening in high-temperature conditions


Oil Analysis Spectrometer
Spectroil Q100

  • Features a CCD optical system for flexibility with even the most exotic in-service oil analysis applications
  • Standard configuration analyzes 22 wear metals, contaminants and additives in 30 seconds—additional elements can be added at any time
  • Conforms to ASTM Standard Test Method D6595 requirements

Spectro Inc.

LC/MS Sample Screening
Exactive LC/MS System and Transcend Technology

  • Configuration combines automated online sample prep for high throughput with dual benefits of ultra-high resolution and accurate mass
  • Exactive streamlines technical steps normally requiring specialized setup and operation
  • TurboFlow™ technology enables direct injection of complex matrices, eliminating upfront sample prep and delivering results in less time

Thermo Fisher Scientific


Pressurized Microwave Digestion System
Discover SP-D

  • Able to process a typical 0.5 g sample of organic material in 10 minutes or less, including cool down
  • Features individual pressure and temperature control and programming for each sample
  • ActiVent™ Technology automatically controls vessel pressure and removes gas produced from digestions without allowing volatile elements to escape

CEM Corporation

Hygrometer/Thermometer/ Barometer/Dew Point Pen

  • Compact design features an electronic capacitance polymer film sensor not affected by condensation
  • User selectable dual display shows humidity/temperature, humidity/ dew point, barometer/temperature or barometer/humidity
  • Barometer measures pressure in three different units: inches of mercury (inHg), millibars (hPa) and millimeters of mercury (mmHg)

Control Company

Rotary Evaporators
Hei-VAP Series

  • Come with a detachable operating panel with 4-ft tethered cable for remote control
  • Feature a stainless steel heat bath with two independent safety circuits
  • Able to accommodate up to a 5-liter flask and reach a maximum temperature of 210°C
  • Non-sticking vapor tube/clamping sleeve eliminates hassle and broken glass


Product Spotlight

Benchtop CO2 Incubator
Super Fast Moist Heat Decontamination Cycle

Caron Products’ Oasis™ benchtop CO2 incubator provides a safe and accurately controlled environment for cell and tissue cultures to thrive. The 6 cu. ft. incubator maintains high relative humidity and accurately controls temperature and CO2. Made of high-grade stainless steel, the unit features infrared sensor CO2 control, direct heat and high relative humidity.

The exterior is powder-coated with ISOCIDE antimicrobial paint to protect the unit from contamination. In the event of contamination, the push of a button will trigger an overnight sanitization cycle to clean the unit, followed by a drying cycle which pumps in HEPA-filtered air, eliminating the need for cleanup.

“Other cycles require the end user to pump moisture out of the chamber and wipe the interior down, which is a very messy process,” said Dave Figel, VP of Engineering and Operations at Caron Products. “Our [decontamination] cycle… literally dries the interior so you don’t have to!”

Oasis comes with user-friendly features and optional accessories to customize the incubator to each user’s needs. “Our goal… is to incorporate the safest environment in the benchtop CO2 incubator market,” added Figel. “It is also stackable, so customers can double their workspace without taking up additional lab space.”

For more information, visit Dave Figel, VP of Engineering and Operations, can be reached at

Fume Hood
UniFlow SE

  • Features chemical resistant, flame retardant, unitized composite resin construction
  • Available in 4’, 5’ 6’ and 8’ widths
  • VaraFlow baffle system directs airflow through fume chamber to exhaust outlet with minimum turbulence
  • Tested to comply with ASHRAE-110 fume hood performance guidelines


Single Channel Pipettes
Variable Volume

  • Six sizes are available from 0.5 μl for PCR protocols to 5 ml for large sample dilutions
  • Feature an ergonomic design with low plunger force to reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries
  • Tapered cone design enables users to use pipette tips from various manufacturers
  • Fully autoclavable to eliminate cross contamination


High Capacity/High Speed Shakers
Lab Companion SKC Series

  • Feature programmable motion control, unbalanced load sensors and a cut-off function
  • Feature a maximum orbit of 2.8” (70 mm) and clamps that accommodate up to 6 liter flasks
  • The “sticky pad” accessory eliminates the need for flask clamps
  • Offers speeds of up to 500 rpm

Jeio Tech

Salt Analyzer

  • Achieves accurate determination of chloride ions by coulometric titration method
  • Able to measure 20 μl or 1% NaCl standard in 20 seconds
  • Features a mercury-free sleeve-type reference electrode for safety
  • Reusable electrolyte can be used for several measurements

JM Science

Mobile Cleanroom for Optical Tables
Mobile Environmental Enclosures

  • Units are 8 feet high and are equipped with cleanroom curtains on all four sides
  • Features multispeed blowers on the roof to maintain positive, downward, pressurized airflow, cleaned using HEPA filters
  • Available in three footprint sizes: 3’ x 6’, 4’ x 8’ and 8’ x 8’

Kinetic Systems

Weighing Solution
One Click™

  • Complete product bundles consist of an Excellence XP/XS balance, corresponding accessories and LabX 2010 software
  • One Click performs all calculations and documentation automatically, shortening the time to prepare a standard solution from 15 minutes to less than four
  • The complete solution can be customized to meet individual process requirements

Mettler Toledo

Recirculating Evaporator
Centrifan™ AF

  • Includes an Auto-Fill feature allowing unattended evaporation of samples generated by any separation or extraction system
  • Functions without vacuum to prevent sample contamination risks
  • Does not require external gas supplies or a heated water bath
  • Eliminates hazards such as bumping, foaming, freezing and cross-contamination

Modular SFC

Dual Input Differential Manometer

  • Features dual display and dual pressure inputs
  • Pressure is displayed in one of four user-selectable units (psi, mbar, inH2O and mmH2O)
  • Includes a protective rubber boot
  • Models are available with a USB connection or wireless interface

Omega Engineering

Nitrogen Generator

  • Removes oxygen, moisture and other gases to leave clean, dry, phthalate-free nitrogen
  • The generator will detect the demand for gas from the LC/MS and will automatically start
  • Includes two internal air compressors, making it independent of external air sources
  • Fitted castors allow the unit to fit into tight lab spaces

Peak Scientific

Immersion Circulator

  • Features a temperature range of ambient 10° to 135°C and temperature stability of ±0.07°C
  • Suitable for use in baths as large as 28 liters
  • Features an extra-large backlit readout, displaying both temperature and set point
  • Includes a fully-integrated housing that prevents direct contact with the pump and heater


Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers
Jewett® Collection

  • Designed to store high value, critical samples, reagents, vaccines, blood and plasma
  • 24 models range in size from 4.9 cu. ft. under-counter styles to 51.1 cu. ft. uprights
  • Include microprocessor control, giving the user precise temperature regulation and set-point security
  • Feature powerful industrial-grade compressors and positive, forced-air circulation

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Fume Hood Controller

  • Controls valves or dampers with a fast-acting actuator for containment during sash movements
  • Integrates with Building Management Systems via BACnet®, LonWorks® or Modbus®
  • Input measurement options include sash sensors, side-wall velocity sensors and flows from venturi valves, pressure- or thermal-based flow stations



Automated Cell-based ELISA Procedures
BioCel Configuration

  • Dispenses cells into microplates and performs a series of alternating incubations and reagent additions
  • Features automated control of intermediate plate batches, cell medium removal and absorbance detection
  • Provides unattended automation of approximately 500 plates per run in a 3-day experiment

Agilent Automation Solutions

Automated Cell Counter

  • Provides total cell counts in 30 seconds or less for cell concentrations between 5 x 104 and 1 x 107 cells/ml and cells within a 6 – 50 μm diameter range
  • Scores each sample across multiple planes
  • Cell viability can also be assessed with the use of trypan blue


Microplate Washer Platform

  • Uses a microprocessor-controlled syringe fluid system for precise control over multiple flow rates
  • Features integrated dispense and aspirate pumps
  • Biomagnetic separation offers superior micrometer and nanometer bead retention in flat-bottom, round-bottom and half area microplates

BioTek Instruments

Plate Adapter
SBS/ANSI Formatted Plate

  • For use with SonicMan stand-alone instrument for high throughput sonication
  • Placed on the tube plate chilling block, allows for any SBS/ANSI formatted microplate to be used with SonicMan
  • Useful for re-suspension of compounds initially or after freeze/thaw, extraction of target proteins, DNA/RNA, and mixing low-volume assays

MatriCal Bioscience


Cell Printer

  • Designed for live cell printing for high content analysis and cell assays
  • Proprietary synQUAD technology offers both on-the-fly and drop-by-drop non-contact cell printing while maintaining the viability of delicate cells
  • Prints into plates or onto slides using a valve-free fluid path, greatly reducing cell damage


Imaging Technique for Transmission Electron Microscopes
Thin Film Phase Plate

  • Increases specimen contrast by orders of magnitude
  • employs a π/2-phase plate that shifts the phase of scattered electrons, resulting in amplitude contrast rather than phase contrast as these electrons interfere with the unscattered electrons in image plane


Frozen Cells
ChemiBrite™ GPCR Frozen Cells

  • Allow drug developers to expand their testing of popular G-protein coupled receptors
  • Provided frozen in a convenient, Ready-To-Assay™ format, so that they can be used immediately after thawing
  • Features high cellular viability and assay signal
  • Contains enough cells to run either a 96- or 384-well plate


PCR Assay Portfolio for Human Identification

  • Features comprehensive and versatile coverage of current STR standards, including the new extended European Standard Set (ESS), CODIS, DAD, and ISSOL requirements
  • Addresses the November 30, 2010 Council of the European Union resolution on the exchange of national DNA database information



  • Ensures coverslips are positioned correctly in relation to slides and tissue without user intervention
  • Able to manage up to 11 slide racks simultaneously and automatically adjust mountant volume
  • Features an enhanced gripper return plate with an extended front face, to ensure correct slide positioning
  • Specially designed to ease dispensing and reduce risk of jamming caused by moisture contamination

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Microplate and Seal Combination
Black Plate and AbsorbMax™ Sealing Film

  • Combination eliminates sample degradation by exposure to light
  • Black plates are supplied RNase/DNase free
  • Each well accommodates a sample volume of 1 ml with round bottoms for good mixing
  • Sealing films are 200 μm thick black vinyl adhesive for use with 96-well black microplates

Porvair Sciences

Bi-O-Vision™ Series

  • Feature two workstations, producing both 312nm ultraviolet and white light
  • TD-1000R model offers fixed-intensity while TVD-1000R offers variable-intensity control of UV or white light
  • Units are continuously adjustable from 100% down to 50%
  • Eliminate transmission of 254nm radiation, so there is minimal photobleaching, photonicking and photodimerization


Product Spotlight

Laser Scanning Microplate Cytometer
Ideal for mix-and-read assays

The Mirrorball™ laser scanning microplate cytometer from TTP LabTech was designed with the needs of the antibody discovery industry in mind. Performing assays in microplate format, the device offers simultaneous laser scanning for greater multiplexing and higher throughput.

Mirrorball features simultaneous, dual-laser excitation and multicolor fluorescence detection properties, and is sensitive enough to detect low abundance antigens, such as cell surface proteins, making it ideal for mix-and-read assays for hybridoma screening and cell-surface receptor expression.

Wayne Bowen, Chief Scientific Officer for TTP LabTech, based in the United Kingdom, says that Mirrorball can make a laboratory much more efficient. “Since there are two lasers in the system, you can speed up your data generation,” he said. “You can scan simultaneously and correlate data across lasers.”

Mirrorball achieves low autofluorescence through proprietary low loss optics and red 640 nm laser excitation, resulting in high signal to noise ratio and robust data generation. In addition to improved object recognition, Mirrorball’s fluorescence detection is comparable to that of the discontinued ABI 8200 Cellular Detection system (FMAT®).

“There was a demand for this technology,” said Bowen. “Mirrorball and FMAT are able to determine the activity of antibodies using a fluorescence method similar to ELISA, but don’t require the wash steps, which is a benefit for the user.”

For more information, visit Wayne Bowen, Chief Scientific Officer, can be reached at 044 1763 262626 or by e-mail at


Liquid Chromatography (LC) Software Component
Instrument Control Framework (ICF)

  • Makes it easier for third-party software to enable and control Agilent LC systems in chromatographic data systems or workstations
  • Available to software developers at no cost
  • The third party develops an adaptor from their own software to ICF to gain full control of Agilent LCs, with no need to write additional instrument control code

Agilent Technologies

Software for epMotion Automated Pipetting System
epBlue ID™

  • Incorporates new barcode management functionality to provide secure sample tracking
  • Complex methods can be generated in minutes with intuitive menus
  • Features a tab-based structure that guides users through the software functions
  • Features pipetting pattern recognition and built-in and organized liquid classes

Eppendorf North America

Automation Software

  • For MICROLABSTAR and STARlet liquid handling workstations
  • Features a touch-screen graphical user interface, streamlining method setup
  • SuperSimpleMethods module facilitates easy programming of the most common lab routines
  • Scheduler is four times faster than the previous version and programming requires minimal training

Hamilton Robotics

LIMS for ADME Studies
Debra 5.7.7

  • Compound Received data can be displayed in micrograms and milligrams in Dosing Data report
  • Treatment concentrations are displayed to four decimal places on all screens
  • The order preferred by each user in the Pooling Splitting screen is now saved on a user-by-user basis
  • Importing WBA data from MCID analysis software is much easier

LabLogic Systems

Lead Optimization Software

  • Designed specifically for medicinal chemists, suggesting novel bioisosteres for a lead compound
  • Shortens lead optimization cycles by generating hundreds of nonobvious, drug-like alternatives to a known lead
  • Easy-to-use interface quickly creates a range of potential lead molecules from 2D or 3D lead structures
  • Comprehensive database of fragments is built from commercially available compounds


Chromatography Data System Integration Solution
For Symyx Notebook using Atlas CDS™

  • Eliminates repetitious entry of information and provides live interaction of chromatography data within Notebook
  • Allows chromatography users to manage methods and chromatography acquisitions from a single interface
  • Users only need to enter sample information once, allowing them to easily insert standards and check injections into LC injection sequence

Thermo Fisher Scientific


Mixed-mode Weak Cation Exchanger

  • Developed for extraction of strongly basic analytes and quaternary amines from aqueous samples
  • Features a combination of hydrophobic, hydrophilic and cation exchange interactions
  • Resin-based sorbent is surface modified with well-defined hydroxyl-functional oligomers
  • Hydrophobic/cation exchange dual-retention mechanism permits a rigorous interference regime


Connection Fittings for Soft Tubing
MicroBarb™ Connectors

  • Provide a low-carryover connection between flexible pump tubing and semi-rigid fluoropolymer tubing
  • Constructed of PEEK™ plastic, the fittings are chemically inert and withstand high temperatures and pressures
  • Works for any soft tubing including PVC, Silicone, Santoprene, Pharmed, Marprene, Viton, and Chemsure


Flow Cells for Chemical Analysis
Standard or Customized

  • Produced to high-quality standard, the flow cells are composed of quartz or optical glass for low thermal expansion and improved chemical resistance
  • Additional optical properties include homogeneity and high UV transmission
  • Bespoke multi-channel flow cells feature chamber volumes of less than 10 μl


Precision Ceramic and Glass

  • Standard items as well as precision-machined to customer specifications
  • Product examples include ultra-thin glass microsheet for use as transparent substrates, electrical insulators, precision balls, polished sapphire bearings and sub mm bore nozzles
  • Other items are available upon request

Goodfellow Cambridge

Fluid Control Components

  • For controlling fluid in microfluidic experiments using 1/32” tubing
  • Breadboard-based components snap together for fast, leak-free construction of simple and complex setups
  • Compatible with tubing used for microbore LC and microbore LC/MS applications
  • Designed for zero dead volume, nanoliter swept volumes and easy cleaning, ensuring long life over multiple runs


Metal Tubing
Custom and Pre-Cut

  • Materials offered are 316 stainless steel, Nickel 200, Hastelloy C, Inconel 600, Electroformed Nickel and titanium
  • All metal tubing is electrolytically cut and deburred, then cleaned with high pressure, micro-filtered steam from deionized water, which removes both organic and inorganic contaminants

VICI Precision Sampling