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October 2011 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments and system introductions to the laboratory market.

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Nano Particle Analyzer

  • Analyzes key particle physical properties including size and zeta potential
  • Capable of performing size measurements at both right angle (90°) and backscatter (173°)
  • Allows particle size measurements with a variety of cells and sample volumes down to 10 μL
  • Unique semi-disposable zeta potential cells can typically measure hundreds of samples before requiring replacement

Horiba Scientific

ICP-OES Spectrometer

  • Generator design packs an ample power reserve that can handle extreme plasma loads
  • Sealed optic system abolishes gas purging for a lifetime savings totaling up to one-third of the instrument’s purchase price
  • Permits a direct, high-luminance path for maximized light throughput
  • Comes with easy-to-use SMART ANALYZER VISION software


Tandem Quadrupole MS Detector
Xevo® TQD

  • Enables the collection of highly specific quantitative data for target compounds, while providing the ability to simultaneously visualize all other components
  • Features a wide range of ionization capabilities today, futureproofing for the innovations of tomorrow
  • Designed to reduce complexity, increase ease of use, and ensure correct result is delivered every time.

Waters Corporation

Basic Lab

Rotational Viscometer
Black Pearl

  • Performs both routine rheological tests and complex rheological evaluation
  • Comes standard with built-in Peltier temperature control for all measuring systems
  • Measuring systems employ novel “Quick Capture” mounting technology
  • Features an angular velocity range from 0.01 to 200 rad/s, a torque range from 0.005 to 20 mNm and a temperature range from -10° to 120° C

ATS RheoSystems

Environmental Simulation Chamber

  • Designed for alternating-climate profiles at temperatures between -70 °C and +180 °C
  • Provides an interior volume of 8.1 cu/ft and includes an integrated LCD screen
  • electronically controlled APT.line™ preheating chamber ensures temperature accuracy and reproducible results
  • Without humidity, the MKFT offers a temperature range of -70 °C to +180 °C; with humidity, the temperature range is 10 °C to 95 °C

Binder Inc.

Product Spotlight

More Elements, Higher Resolution

Microscope’s sensitivity, speed, and 3D analytical capabilities help users innovate

FEI Company hopes to enable breakthroughs in many key customer areas with the release of its Titan™ G2 80-200 with ChemiSTEM™ technology, a new member of the Titan G2 series of S/TEM (scanning/transmission electron microscopes).

“By combining the Titan platform’s latest generation of electron optics with the revolutionary analytical sensitivity of ChemiSTEM™ technology, we have created a microscope that can deliver atomic resolution elemental maps in minutes and adds new capabilities in addressing our customer’s applications in materials science, chemistry, and nanotechnology,” said Trisha Rice, vice president and general manager of FEI’s research business unit.

Dr. Paul Kotula of Sandia National Laboratories said that his institute chose the new Titan because of its combination of the latest in probe-correction technology and large solidangle, windowless silicon-drift x-ray detectors (SD’s).

“We estimate that we will gain a factor of 50 to 100 in terms of analytical sensitivity, speed, and spatial resolution combined, over our existing FEG analytical electron microscope,” Dr. Kotula said. “It is already clear that atomic resolution x-ray microanalysis is not only possible but practical with this new microscope.”

Rice added the new microscope has all the features unique to the Titan G2 series including the XFEG high brightness gun and the next-generation DCOR probe corrector. Those features, along with the instrument’s ChemiSTEM™ technology, will allow users to do some very cool things, she said.

“Due to these innovations, this new microscope has the potential to solve problems in material science research that have previously been difficult or impossible to address,” Rice said.

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Chemicals, Kits & Reagents

qPCR Assays

  • Available in three different sizes (mini, standard, and XL)
  • Provide the forward and reverse primers as well as a hydrolysis probe in a single tube
  • Allow users to select from multiple dye-quencher combinations
  • Pre-designed assays are now offered which stress accurate Tm prediction and protection against off-target amplification

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

Solid Phase Extraction Sorbent
Strata-X-Drug N

  • Specially designed for the extraction of drugs of abuse in forensic toxicology
  • Targets neutral drugs such as barbiturates and benzodiazepines
  • Saves time and reduces solvent expense because it does not require conditioning or equilibration
  • Each batch is tested by extracting lorazepam and temazepam from actual urine samples
  • Samples prepared using Strata-X-Drug N are ready for LC or GC analysis


Nucleic Acid Purification Kits

  • Feature strong performance and consistency of results – optimized to produce high yields of quality DNA
  • Suitable for wide range of sample materials from cells to tissues
  • Provide flexible throughput from one sample to up to 96 samples per run
  • Minimized hands-on time increases the efficiency
  • Compatible with most common downstream analysis and applications

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Lab Automation

Coded Tube Reader
Tracxer RS210

  • Fully compatible with all SBS standard storage racks, which enables the reading of 24-, 48-, 96- and even 384-well formats
  • Compact A5 size a good fit for use in robotic liquid handling and storage systems
  • Tracxer software allows users to scan 96 coded tubes in less than 5 seconds
  • Software also includes a rack decoding feature that is able to distinguish between 2D codes that are not recognised and empty storage positions

Micronic Europe BV

Integrated Flow Chemistry System
Asia 330r

  • Collects and analyses each reaction automatically
  • Enables hundreds of solutions or phase experiments through the automatic control of syringe pumps, injection reagents, synthesis, and waste diversion
  • Includes the FLLEX module for flow aqueous work-up and the Asia Sampler and Dilutor, which allows the integration of analytical devices
  • Features easy-to-use Asia Master PC software


Microplate reader
Infinite M1000

  • Offers luminescence scanning to complement its existing 3D and fast absorbance and fluorescence scanning capabilities
  • Allows the emission spectra of stable luminescent signals to be recorded at 1 nm resolution using the instrument’s emission monochromators
  • Format flexibility allows Tecan’s NanoQuant Plate™ for very low volume absorbance measurements to be used alongside virtually all 6- to 1,536-well plate formats
  • Features double orbital shaking for more efficient reagent mixing, an Opitmal Read (OR) function for reliable cell-based measurements, and precisely controlled pipetting


Life Science

Plasma Thawing Systems

  • Reduce thaw times while ensuring the safety of your plasma
  • Available in 2, 4, and 8 bag capacities
  • Automatic baskets lift out of the water at the end of each cycle, when a high temperature alarm is activated, or on customer demand
  • Rapid thaw times reduce the amount of plasma that must be thawed in advance
  • Allow you to load, program, and walk away through easy, convenient operation


Product Spotlight

Faster Setup, Easier Operation
Company adds touchscreen to its PCR series

Bio-Rad has introduced a touchscreen interface to its lineup of PCR instruments, including its real-time detection systems, allowing users to watch amplification traces in real-time without an attached computer – an industry first.

“Researchers really wanted to have the ability to immediately see their data during a real-time PCR run to determine whether they should proceed to the next experiment,” Richard Kurtz, Bio-Rad Laboratories’ senior marketing manager, said. “On the old versions of the real-time PCR instruments (CFX96 and CFX384), researchers needed to purchase an extra computer and find space for it on the bench to view these curves during the run.”

The updated products include: the C1000 Touch, the CFX96 Touch, and the CFX384 Touch.

Kurtz added the screen simplifies the running and set up of the PCR instrument and data display in qPCR experiments.

“This makes it easier for new users to start a run right away, without needing to get any training or help from someone in the lab,” Kurtz said, adding the C1000’s Autowriter feature has been further simplified by a touchscreen. The feature allows researchers to create a new protocol by entering three variables.

“Previously, setting up the Autowriter on the C1000 required the researcher to go through multiple screens to enter in each of these variables,” Kurtz said. “Now all three variables can be inputted on one screen.”

He added that, before the touchscreen, inputs were made on a cell phone-like keypad, which had several buttons for different screens. However, the new Touch systems feature a full QWERTY keyboard and a cleaner, more dynamic interface for researchers.

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Submarine Gel Electrophoresis Unit

  • Runs an entire 96-well plate of samples (plus up to 24 control or marker lanes) in 30 minutes
  • Multi-channel pipette compatible
  • Well spacing and labeled gel running tray ensure positive ID of loaded samples
  • A large selection of different combs and accessories allows you to optimize this unit for your particular application

Hoefer, Inc.

LIMS & Software

Life Sciences Digital Imaging Software
QCapture Pro 7

  • Enhanced Auto Contrast mode available for low light and fluorescent microscopy enables researchers to quickly visualize images at varying exposure times
  • Supports Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bit operating systems
  • Snap and Save allows for streamlining and simplifying image acquisition
  • Automatically sets the optimal contrast levels and dynamic range for each image preview


Materials Management Software

  • New materials manager capability enables users to easily define the wide variety of materials that they test in their organisation
  • Allows manufacturers to manage data relating to raw materials, finished products, and intermediate products
  • For commercial contract labs, improves the handling of data from routine samples sent to them for testing by their customers

Two Fold Software Limited

Supplies & Consumables

Silicone Tubing
Silcon® Med-X

  • Platinum-cured version offers the fewest number of extractables or plasticizers, which can both adversely affect performance
  • Elastomer meets USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) Class VI requirements and the tubing is produced in a controlled environment
  • Available in 17 sizes ranging from .030” through .625” (5/8”) I.D. Other sizes, durometers, and colored tubing are available through custom order

NewAge Industries

Metal GC Columns

  • Resistant to column breakdown and bleed often caused by repeated sample runs
  • Available in three stationary phase formats: TG-1MT, TG-5MT and TG-WAXMT, with a range of column lengths, internal diameters, and film thicknesses
  • Designed for higher temperature ranges than standard GC columns and can process highly active samples and analytes without incurring any damage

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Cell Culture Dishes

  • Sturdy, flat bases resist bowing and warping even growth
  • Optical clarity provides distortion-free microscopy
  • Secure handling grip features on small and large dishes
  • Certified DNase, RNase, DNA, and pyrogen free
  • Gamma sterilized
  • Available in 35 x 10 mm, 60 x 15 mm, 100 x 20 mm, and 150 x 20 mm sizes

USA Scientific

Product Spotlight

The ‘New Classic’ in Laboratory Glassware
Storage/Media bottles offer a combination of design, quality, and materials

Researchers who frequently use glass bottles to store and dispense media, reagents, and samples depend on a quality product for safety and convenience. Kimble Chase, the largest manufacturer of laboratory glassware products in the world, now offers KIMAX® GL 45 Storage/ Media bottles, a product line that combines design, quality manufacturing, and superior materials to meet the needs of the global research community.

One thing that makes this glassware line stand out is its safety, as the bottles can be treated with KimCote®, a plastic coating applied to the outside of the laboratory glassware in order to resist breakage and contain leaking.

“Should a break occur, KimCote will reduce the hazards of shattered glass and leakage of toxic or corrosive chemicals,” said Maryanne Gasparo, reusable glass product manager at Kimble Chase, adding that the coating’s unique texture also provides a non-slip handling surface whether it’s wet or dry. “The ultra-clear plastic coating contains spills in the event of breakage, has improved sample viewing, is repeatedly steam autoclavable, and it’s chemical resistant and odor free.”

As well as being great for biohazardous materials, the glassware is also well suited to light sensitive compounds as it can be treated with RAY -SORB® to protect such substances.

The bottles are available in sizes from 100mL to 10,000mL and are manufactured with Type 1 Class A borosilicate glass for durable performance and resistance to thermal stress. Linerless, autoclavable (to 140° C maximum) polypropylene GL 45 caps with an internal seal are also available for the bottles. For easy identification, researchers can specify blue, white, or orange caps.

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