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September 2011 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments and system introductions to the laboratory market.

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UHPLC RRHD 300SB-C18 1.8 μm columns

  • Provides stability at low pH and symmetrical peaks for protein and peptide separations with trifluoroacetic acid or formic acid mobile phase modifiers without compromising column lifetime
  • Increased efficiency for improved resolution and more robust quantitation of post translational modifications
  • With pressure stability to 1200 bar, these columns bring UHPLC performance to protein analysis

Agilent Technologies

308 PV™

  • Non-destructively analyzes the color of many types of microscopic samples
  • Features CRAIC Technologies new Lightblades™ spectrophotometer technology
  • Designed for colorimetry and spectroscopy of even sub-micron-sized features
  • Sophisticated software, high resolution imaging, and permanently calibrated variable apertures yield a new level of sophistication

CRAIC Technologies

Product Spotlight

Faster, Smaller, Stronger
Bruker’s new SCION MS eliminates downtime

Hoping to enhance data quality and productivity for analysts working in routine testing and applied markets, Bruker has released the SCION TQ™ triple quadrupole and the SCION SQ™ single quadrupole mass spectrometers for gas chromatography (GC) detection.

A big part of what makes the new series special is its “lens free” technology, an industry first, which makes the systems easier to use no matter how much experience the operator has. The new technology also offers many benefits over traditional mass spectrometers, said Meredith Conoley, GC/MS Markets Manager at Bruker.

“Bruker’s patented lens free design keeps the ion beam tightly focused without the need for additional lenses,” he said. “In a traditional mass spectrometer design, lenses are needed to refocus the beam at critical points. The downside is that lenses need to be tuned and cleaned to keep system performance at optimum levels. This means ‘downtime’ when the user can’t run samples, something that is simply not required with the SCION SQ and TQ systems.”

Another highlight of the SCION series is how little space the new machines take up.

“The innovative design of SCION means that the new SCION triple quad system takes up the same – or less – bench space than most single quads on the market,” Conoley said.

Compound Based Scanning (CBS) is also a unique feature of the SCION series, allowing users to achieve high levels of sensitivity and quantitative precision while greatly reducing methods development and instrument setup time.

“We have finally taken a lot of the mystery and inefficiencies out of triple quads and MRM method development,” Conoley said of the CBS technology.

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CHN Elemental Analyzer

  • Thermal conductivity detection measures carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen
  • Provides low gas and reagent consumption and high reduction tube life
  • Intuitive Windows-based operating software reduces human errors

Exeter Analytical Inc.

Benchtop Spectrophotometer
DR 3900

  • Provides guided procedures, hands-free updates and sample tracking
  • RFID allows for hands-free calibration updates.
  • Requires less training and increases confidence in the test results
  • Automatically recognizes the lot, expiration, and calibration curves associated with each TNTplus® chemistry sample.

Hach Company

GC System
FAME in AVTUR Analyzer

  • Designed to detect traces of Fatty-acid Methyl Esters (FAMEs)
  • Offers a unique combination of deans-switching and re-focusing
  • No sample preparation required
  • Stability and repeatability minimize calibration and maintenance


Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) System

  • Offers the capability to process up to 200ml of sample in one go repeatedly and precisely.
  • Each of the 48 wells on the MaxiLute has an individual drain spout ensuring 100 percent sample transfer and zero cross over contamination
  • Will not bend or distort because individual SPE cartridges do not have to be repeatedly plugged in and out
  • Available with a wide range of proprietary high performance Porvair sorbents in addition to accommodating a choice of sorbents from other manufacturers

Porvair Sciences

Basic Lab

Compact Balances

  • Includes large backlit digital display, color-coded keypad and a removable stainless steel pan
  • Offers protection in case of accidental overloading
  • Security feature allows the use of a standard Kensington™-type lock and cable to prevent theft.

Adam Equipment

High-Capacity Rotor

  • Runs exclusively on Optima MAX-XP tabletop ultracentrifuge
  • 194 mL capacity allows more sample to be processed per run
  • Provides footprint and instant, context-sensitive on-board help
  • Accepts OptiSeal tubes

Beckman Coulter

Product Spotlight

Cool it, instruments!
Water panel system solves heat-related issues

Scientific instrumentation is typically housed in an enclosed room, with just enough access for operation or service. The heat generated from equipment, personnel entering and exiting the room, and the enclosed facility itself can all affect the performance of sensitive instrumentation.

“Temperature fluctuation can cause calibration issues in some instruments – I remember one laboratory in which the temperature would rise during the day and fall during the night,” said R. Drew McCrady, Environmental Engineering Manager, JEOL USA Service. “They would have one set of calibrations for the morning, and another set for the afternoon. Temperature fluctuations can also cause image drift in imaging tools that have long exposure times. It is especially critical in nano-laboratories, where the feature sizes are at the atomic level.”

To help solve issues like these and maintain a consistently cool environment without adding air turbulence, JEOL, a global supplier of ultrahigh resolution electron microscopes, recently developed the JEOL Hydro Radiant Panel system.

The system is custom-designed for each room, taking heat load, local weather, facilities, and instrument requirements into account. It includes wall-mounted water circulating panels, acoustic absorbing materials, a water chiller, plumbing, an optional air exchange system, and a wall-mounted remote controller.

McCrady says reaction to the system has been positive.

“The customer feedback has been good and the temperature stability has been measured with great results,” he says. “Because most customers choose to install the Hydro Panels when they install a new instrument, the systems we have installed in the U.S. so far have all been new construction, and all of the customers have been able to meet the stability and drift specifications at these sites.”

For more information, visit ControlSolutions/tabid/816/Default.aspx


  • Electronic operation reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • Cover-volume of two mechanical pipettes
  • Single-channel models cover volume ranges of 0.2 to 5000 µl
  • Multichannel models cover volume ranges of 0.2 to 1200 µl


Biological Safety Enclosure
EnviroMax Bio II

  • A vertical laminar flow of HEPA filtered air maintains a class 100 clean environment
  • Air inflow at the face of the enclosure ensures a face velocity for user safety
  • Prevents contaminated air from the lab from entering the work area
  • Equipped with fluorescent lighting, cord port access, stainless steel work surface, support cabinet or table and optional UV lighting


Food and Dairy pH Meter
HI 99161N

  • Available with waterproof casing
  • pH probe features built-in temperature sensor
  • Easy to clean probe resists clogging
  • Offers dual button operation
  • Delivers 1000 hour battery life with low battery warning

Hanna Instruments

Syringe Pump

  • Optimizes bench space with horizontal or vertical orientation for both display and mechanism
  • Delivers more than 200 lbs linear pumping force with accurate and smooth flow
  • Allows users to create, save and run complex methods with advanced programming features
  • Ideally suited for stainless steel syringes

Harvard Apparatus

Refrigerated/Heated Circulation Bath

  • Temperature control ranges from -10°C to +100°C and regulated to ±0.03°C
  • 12 L per minute circulation pump rate
  • Outfitted with a low liquid volume sensor to prevent damage to unit
  • Compressor uses R134A refrigerant and includes a sensor that identifies irregular temperatures


Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator

  • Provides simple, routine, and precise measurements with superior precision
  • Six built-in calculation modes accommodate solid, liquid and gas samples
  • Instant recall of data for up to 20 samples
  • Built-in detector monitors titration status and a direct key access

JM Science

Auxiliary Module
Quantos® QL2

  • Curtails out-of-specification results
  • Allows user to prepare single-use solutions “on-demand” directly into a target vessel with unprecedented speed and accuracy
  • An add-on to existing Quantos model delivers built-in automated powder dispensing functionality
  • Automation makes the solution preparation process error resistant

Mettler Toledo

Digital Pressure Gage
DPG409 Series

  • Vacuum to 5000 psi ranges are available and include setup software
  • Large backlit display makes it possible for user to read digits from over 10.7m (35 ft)
  • Wireless transmitter option sends readings to remote locations and allows for PC-based chart recording and data logging

OMEGA Engineering

Industrial Air Velocity Transmitter

  • Built-in relay measures air velocities up to 12,000 FPM (60.9m/sec)
  • Features hot wire air velocity sensor design
  • Offers fixed mount and remote probe
  • Adjustable high alarm set point makes the FMA900A ideal for development labs

OMEGA Engineering

Flat Top Stage for Nikon Ti Inverted Microscopes
ProScan III™ H117P2NN

  • Designed to assist in prolonged live cell studies research
  • Ideal for all high precision biomedical and material science scanning operations
  • Maximizes access to the nosepiece for correction collar adjustment
  • Allows for scanning using a very broad range of sample holders

Prior Scientific

Pilot Scale Supercritical Extractor

  • Simplifies the extraction of a wide variety of natural products
  • Performs in either single or dual 10 liter sample vessels with single or dual separators
  • Coriolis mass flow meter guarantees precise mass flow measurement
  • Pneumatic CO2 pump maximizes pumping efficiency

Supercritical Fluid Technologies

Refrigerated Incubator

  • Innovative thermoelectric cooling technology eliminates need for refrigeration compressor
  • Uses 78% less power than alternative models and reduces room air conditioning loads by producing 75% less heat
  • Features a heavy-duty shelving system
  • Holds up to 300 BOD bottles


Manifold Freeze Dryers
Benchtop™ K Series

  • Ease of use is ensured by one button start-up that activates all operating parameters in the correct sequence
  • Employ environmentally friendly CFC-free refrigeration systems
  • Condenser temperatures from range -55ºC to -105ºC
  • Equipped with the Sentry 2.0 user-friendly control system

SP Scientific

Programmable Digital Hot Plate
EchoTherm™ HP40A

  • Programming done through front panel membrane switch
  • Stores up to 10 programs in memory
  • Milled-flat cast aluminum 8” x 8” heater plate can heat from ambient to 400°C in less than 10 mins
  • Accuracy is 1% of the heater setting over the entire range

Torrey Pines Scientific

Distance Magnification Glasses

  • Focus on objects from 10 feet to infinity with clarity on the enlarged image
  • Hands-free, head mounted, and provide a useful 2.0X magnification
  • Help maximize the size of objects with this easy-to-fit binocular telescope system
  • Scratch resistant lenses


Chemicals, Kits & Reagents

Human and Mouse Feeder Cells
Newborn Human Foreskin Fibroblasts (NuFFs) Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts (MEFs)

  • Reproducible undifferentiated growth of pluripotent stem cells
  • Meticulously derived and comprehensively tested on mouse and human ES stem cells
  • Most traditional and popular method to maintain stable undifferentiated growth of the pluripotent stem cells
  • Available as untreated and growth arrested by Mitomycin C or irradiation


Pluripotent Stem Cell Line Assessment qPCR Kit
PluriPCR™ Kit

  • Designed as a quantitative, easy to use, and reliable assay of five genes strongly specific to pluripotency
  • Ability to accurately and unambiguously define the pluripotency of a cell line
  • Ideal for all aspects of pluripotent stem cell research
  • Fully optimized for routine quality control


pH Buffer Standards (CRM)

  • 100% compatible with all instruments and probes
  • Accuracy at 25°C is ±0.010 pH
  • Resistant to temperature changes and long-term buffer stability.
  • Each 16 ounce bottle is supplied with an individual temperature compensation chart, traceability information, and Traceable ® Certificate.

Control Company

Gene Silencing

  • Chemically synthesised 27-mer RNA duplexes optimized for Dicer processing and incorporation into the RISC complex
  • Sequences are subsequently screened to minimize the potential for cross hybridization and off-target effects
  • Ideal for researchers targeting specific isoforms

Integrated DNA Technologies

Sequencing Library Preparation Kit
Magna ChIP-Seq(TM)

  • Simplifies genome-wide profiling of DNA-protein interactions
  • Provides a set of validated reagents for both chromatin immunoprecipitation and next generation library construction
  • Allows researchers to map interactions of histones, transcription factors, and other chromatin associated proteins

EMD Millipore

Vector Reprogramming Kit

  • Reduces the risks of insertional mutagenesis and viral reactivation by using a single vector
  • Excisable version enables easy removal of reprogramming transgenes
  • Allows for easy removal of the reprogramming vector
  • Expresses human factors from a single polycistronic transcript

EMD Millipore

cGMP Cell Line Development Kit
Freedom™ CHO-S™

  • Includes all major components to complete the cell line development work flow
  • Go from transfection to lead clone in less than 4 months
  • Full documentation package is provided as part of a commercial use license


Life Science

High Sensitivity Dynamic Light Scattering System

  • Used for size and molecular weight measurement of proteins, biomolecules and nanoparticles
  • Delivers performance from only 5µl of sample in seconds
  • Combines measurement performance with an economical benchtop footprint
  • Occupies the very minimum of valuable laboratory bench space

Avid Nano

Automated Cell Counter

  • Easy-to-use-software delivers results in less than 30 seconds
  • Trust counts with an innovative autofocus technology removes the subjectivity of manual focusing
  • Faster and more reproducible downstream results using accurate and consistent cell counts


SNP Genotyping
192.24 Dynamic Array™ IFC

  • Genotypes 192 samples against 24 SNP assays in a single run
  • Uses fewer SNP assays against high number of samples
  • Delivers 4,608 data points in one hour
  • Placing the IFC on the IFC Controller RX automatically sets up reaction chambers

Fluidigm Corporation

Zeta Potential and Molecular Weight Analyzer
SZ-100 nanopartica Series

  • Used to determine protein and polymer molecular weight, and second virial coefficient
  • Applications include nanoparticles, colloids, proteins, biomolecules, and emulsions
  • Performs performing size measurements at both right angle and backscatter

HORIBA Scientific

Radiation Monitors

  • Tailored to the needs of life science and nuclear medicine
  • Calibrated against 14 other radio-nuclides as standard
  • Shows radio-nuclide Bq/cm2 measurements instantly
  • Used with a one-handed sweeping action or with a probe for reaching into less accessible areas


Cell Preparation
Stomacher® Strainer Bags

  • Provides sterile processing of tissue samples for primary cell preparation
  • Effectively small, fully containable units are easily used in a sterile environment
  • 0.5 mm pore size generates a uniformly homogenous cell suspension
  • Increases efficiency in preparation of primary cells from digested tissues


48-way Cryovial Filling System

  • Rapidly dispenses cell suspensions from bulk stock into cryovials
  • Supports cell line development projects in GMP laboratories
  • Maintains the quality of cells by minimizing the time they are in contact with cryopreservatives
  • Supports H&S policy by addressing the risk of RSI from manual capping and decapping of large amounts of cryovials

TAP Biosystems

Freezer Boxes

  • Works together with the 2D barcoded CryoELITE™ cryogenic vials
  • Available in six attractive colors
  • Enables faster batching and easier sample identification by color-coding to match CryoELITE vials
  • Bottom openings allow for quick draining of liquid nitrogen


LIMS & Software

Enterprise Lab Management
Experiment Knowledge Base (EKB)

  • Speeds innovation in materials science
  • Improves laboratory efficiency and productivity
  • Supports sustainability strategies for scientific enterprises
  • Provides add-on components within the Accelrys Enterprise R&D architecture
  • Offers a flexible framework


Data Analysis Software
Gen5™ Version 2.0

  • A new interface combines ease-of-use and memorable visuals with power and flexibility
  • Users can quickly read microplates and export data to Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets
  • New control features include run time well selection for variable microplate area analysis and enhanced high-definition area scans up to 9800 data points per well
  • Supports Eon™ Microplate Spectrophotometer and Take3™ Trio Micro-Volume Plate


Texture Analysis Software
TexturePro CT Version 1.3

  • Performs detailed texture analysis on test samples of various shapes and sizes
  • Automation of test procedure removes operator bias
  • Connects directly to user’s computer via USB
  • Free upgrade for current v1.2 users

Brookfield Engineering Labs

Stage Navigation System
For SEM and EPMA

  • Combines Stage Navigation software with externally-mounted 3 Megapixel CMOS color digital Stage Navigation camera
  • External camera eliminates the need for a dedicated port on the electron column
  • Automatically positions the stage with pixel-precision to the exact area of the sample to be examined


iPad/iPhone App
Slidepath Gateway

  • Enables access to high-quality whole slide images captured on the Leica SCN400 slide scanner as well as to expert opinions
  • Free for download on the Apple App store
  • Provides access to the ASCP CheckPath Anatomical Pathology EQA Program, Cerviva Cervical Cytology EQA Pilot, NHS Breast Screen Pathology EQA Program, and UKNEQAS HER2 Breast Interpretive EQA Pilot

Leica Microsystems

Protein Crystallography Software

  • Imports recipes for both commercial screen kits and user-designed sparse matrix screens
  • Automatically re-formats commercial screens into different labware
  • Lets user create and pipette mother liquors from stock solutions, including pH gradients
  • Runs an automatic feasibility check of stock solution concentrations
  • Executes crystallization experiments, including hanging drop, sitting drop and microbatch



  • Enhanced interface design and user friendliness of Run Manager software module
  • Enable users to rapidly setup queues of samples to be processed through a specific laboratory instrument for a given method

Two Fold Software

Supplies & Consumables

Micro-Volume Plate
Take3™ Trio

  • High-density micro-volume plate provides convenient, rapid nucleic acid and protein quantification without sample dilution
  • Can measure up to forty-eight 2 µL samples
  • Features simple maintenance
  • Compatible with most of Biotek’s microplate readers


Ultra-Low Temperature Laboratory Labels

  • Print on a standard office laser printer
  • Allows variable data printing ‘in-house, on-demand’
  • Engineered for ultimate durability in extreme temperatures (-196° to +200°C)
  • Resist multifreeze thaw cycles, repeated handling, and autoclave sterilization
  • High specification and high-tack adhesive stays attached to small circumference tubes, vials, slides

CILS International

Plastic and Glass Labware Labels
Cryo Hold TS994

  • Apply to frosted surfaces as cold as -20°C
  • Endure temperatures as low as -196°C
  • Resist chemicals including xylene, isopropanol, DMSO and hydrochloric acid
  • Withstand steam autoclave cycles


Biohazard Wipes

  • Clean up spills, wipe pipettes and probes and pop caps with more absorption than paper towel, gauze or Kimwipes
  • Helps limit cross-contamination
  • Reduces leak-through and, therefore, glove changes due to the plastic barrier backing coextruded to the absorbent material
  • Offered in three absorbencies: standard, heavy, and sponge plus and available in sizes 3” x 3”, 4” x 4”, 8” x 9” with precut liners available in 16” x 11”, 16” x 16” and 16” x 25” sizes

Current Technologies

Microplate Replacement
Array Tape™

  • Features a continuous polymer strip, embossed with reaction wells in customized volumes & format including standard SBS configurations.
  • Miniaturized well sizes from several microliters to submicroliter volumes enable smaller reactions & reduce reagent cost.
  • Contains a thin and flexible medium supporting automated processing in 1-1000+ arrays.
  • Allows user to eliminate manual handling and robotics through continuous in-line processing.

Douglas Scientific

Borosilicate glass coverslips

  • Now offered in #1.0 and #1.5 thicknesses
  • #1.5 includes round, rectangular, and square sizes
  • New 3mm round coverslip in #1 thickness widely used for cranial window technique
  • Large selection of high quality coverslips, including # 1 and # 2 thicknesses are stocked for immediate delivery
  • Allows for microscopy imaging at high resolutions (40x, 60x or 100x) and overall performance

Warner Instruments

Replacement DI Cartridges
For Barnstead/Thermo Fisher Systems

  • Product options are suitable for Bantam, B-Pure, DIamond, E-Pure, Infinity, NANOpure Quad, NANOpure II and TII water systems
  • Pressure cartridges, non-pressure (hose nipple) cartridges and replacement parts are compatible with Barnstead products
  • Cartridges and parts are sold on an individual basis