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The Array Tape™ Platform: Think Outside the Plate!

The Array Tape™ Platform is the new standard for high throughput applications.

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The platform instrumentation from Left to right: Araya®, Soellex® and Nexar®

The Array Tape™ Platform is the new standard for high throughput applications. Achieve quality data with repeatable results in a flexible, high throughput system at a lower cost per data point. Douglas Scientific provides inline, modular instrumentation that is fully integrated and optimized for use with our revolutionary consumable, Array Tape. This low cost, flexible microplate replacement enables automation of an entire laboratory process on a single platform. The highly automated and robust system allows your scientists to focus on the data, not the automation.

Inline liquid handling system for sample and reagent processing. The system is engineered to support high throughput processing of sub-microliter volumes in 96- and 384-well Array Tape™. Available options include dispensing, plate storage and specialty processes such as incubation and dehydration.

A high throughput, PCR thermal cycler, 3-chamber water bath capable of simultaneously processing up to three spools (230,400 reaction wells) of Array Tape™ or 152 microplates (384-well, 11 mm tall) in a single process run.

Araya® Detection instruments designed for fully automated scanning in Array Tape™. Features include full barcode traceability and software integration. Detection modes include fluorescence intensity and PerkinElmer’s AlphaLISA™* chemistry. Inline and stand alone options available.

Array Tape™ Consumable
A continuous polymer strip, serially embossed with reaction wells in 96- and 384- well arrays. Array Tape is also available in custom array formats, well geometries, well volumes and tape reel lengths.

* AlphaLISA® is a registered trademark of PerkinElmer Inc.

The modularity of the Array Tape Platform provides the flexibility to adapt to your current and future processes and applications.

Current applications supported:
• SNP genotyping
• Plant hybrid purity analysis
• Transgenic detection
• Inbred development and purity estimation
• Other endpoint DNA analysis
• Homogeneous ELISA processing
• Customized compound embedding in Array Tape

• Plant Biotechnology
• Animal Health
• Pharmaceuticals
• Human Health

If you have an application that requires high throughput:
• Liquid Handling
• Miniaturized Reactions
• Detection
• Incubation
• High Capacity PCR

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