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The Biden Administration’s Budget Request for 2024 Lab and Research Funding

New budget request focuses on cancer and climate change research among other important areas

Ian Black, MSComm, MSc

Ian Black is the editorial assistant for Lab Manager and Today’s Clinical Lab. Before joining the team, he obtained a masters in science communication from Laurentian University and an...

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The Biden Administration has released their suggested 2024 budget request for lab and research spending, which includes US$210 billion in funding distributed to a variety of important research areas. In addition to suggested budgets for public health agencies, the Biden Administration seeks to secure funding for climate and green energy research as well as reauthorize the Cancer Moonshot.

The President is looking to provide over US$4 billion in support of the Net-Zero Game Changers Initiative’s initial focus areas. These include more efficient building temperature control, net-zero aviation, net-zero power grids, the creation of a circular economy for industrial products and fuels, and fusion energy. An additional US$1.6 billion is being sought for climate research and development with additional budgets for research in areas related to the impacts of climate change, such as agriculture.

As of this moment this budget represents a starting point laid out by the executive branch as the groundwork for the budget cycle. It is merely a request that Congress is not obligated to stick to.