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The New Choice in Centrifugation

NuAire has partnered with AWEL International to bring you a full line of centrifuges.

by NuAire

NuAire has partnered with AWEL International to bring you a full line of centrifuges. This comprehensive line of innovative, and ergonomically-designed centrifuges compliments NuAire’s biological safety cabinets, CO2 incubators, ultra low freezers, and laminar flow cabinets as a part of a complete laboratory.

AWELook has 25 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of laboratory centrifuges with exclusive patented features that are designed to increase productivity and safety with an emphasis on ergonomics.

AWELook ergonomic and compact blueprint offers excellent capacity per space ratio, saves bench space, increases sight lines, and decreases the technician’s reach to retrieve samples reducing fatigue.

AWELight visual end of cycle indication illuminates lights on the centrifuge handle notifying samples are ready for removal increasing workflow.

AWELock System allows technicians to change from one application to the next within seconds. Rapid removal and replacement of rotors are quick and easy by pressing two tabs together to unlock the system; Change rotors without using tools. Improve cleaning efforts with total removal of centrifuge rotor.

Multifunction Centrifuges
The MF series include 4 multifunction centrifuges and offer a wide range of speeds, capacities, and accessories for all types of applications. The AWELock rapid rotor exchange system allows for changing of rotors within seconds. Many other patented technologies respond to the different needs and centrifugation protocols of your laboratory.

Classic Centrifuges
The C series classical centrifuges offer an excellent capacity to space ratio. These centrifuges easily find their place in your laboratory for intensive, routine use.

Ventilated and Refrigerated is available in both the Multifunction and Classic models.

Different type and capacities of rotors are available for MF models: Swing-Out Buckets, Fixed Angles, Microtubes, Microplates; and a large choice of inserts for all kind of Collection Tubes.


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