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The Right Choice for Rotary Evaporators

Rotary evaporators have been around for quite some time now, having been developed over 50 years ago to deal with problems faced with standard chemical distillation devices.

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Rotary evaporators have been around for quite some time now, having been developed over 50 years ago to deal with problems faced with standard chemical distillation devices. Those issues included annihilation of the substances being distilled and slow boiling. Rotary evaporators prevent such problems through the spinning motion of the vessel, which speeds distillation by increasing the surface area of the liquid. This type of evaporator also provides a gentler, higher quality distillation process than standard procedures, according to a white paper from IKA. All basic rotary evaporators are made up of a vacuum source, collection flask, rotating flask, temperature bath and condenser. While oil may be used for the bath in order to reach temperatures of 180 C, water is the most commonly used substance. If you’re looking for a rotary evaporator, it’s important to think about whether or not you need automated options and what cooling option is best for you. Vacuum control is also crucial as vacuum that is achieved too quickly can cause foaming and bumping. As always, consulting your vendor can help you make the right choice of rotary evaporator for your lab.


Rotary Evaporators

  • Flavor extraction/food industry
  • Solvent removal/separation and recycling
  • Chemical/educational/fuel/environmental
  • Sample concentration
  • HPLC and natural product sample prep
  • Drying down powders (using test tube adapter)
  • Trapping hazardous waste liquid

IKA RV 10 Series Rotary Eva porator

Despite retaining the same basic principle, there have been numerous technical advancements over the years. With the RV 10 Rotary Evaporators, IKA® is now able to offer a range that sets new standards in safety, efficiency and usability. The line of devices comprises three different systems: the RV 10 control, RV 10 digital, and RV 10 basic.

  • Features a user-friendly water/oil bath that includes a powerful 1300 Watt heater
  • Comes with a drive capable of right-left interval operation
  • Highly solvent-resistant PTFE seals also ensure safe operation of the system
  • All variants, from basic upwards, are supplied complete with a Woulff bottle
  • A wide range of accessories are available for all models

EYELA N-1200 Series

The EYELA N-1200 rotary evaporator is designed to minimize solvent retention while the condenser is being inclined. The structure has been developed to prevent the reverse flow so the condensed solution will not drop onto the capillary feed tube and can trap the solvent vapor more efficiently.

  • Effortless manual lift jack and motorized jack types offered
  • Three types of baths available
  • Equipped with newly-developed Teflon® vacuum seal
  • Includes a hose holder to bundle hoses and keep lab table neat
  • Features speed rotation range of 5 to 280 rpm

Modular SFC Centrifan PE Personal Evaporator

Increase the evaporation capacity of your lab by moving the time-consuming and tedious 20mL vial drying jobs off the rotovaps. A great companion for rotovaps, the Centrifan PE dries six 20 mL vials at once, off-loading this finishing step from your rotovap resource. The instrument is also a useful companion for purification chemists using Flash LC equipment.

  • Simple, robust and safe for users and samples
  • Easy to use and low cost of operation
  • Replaces polluting nitrogen blow down set ups
  • No vacuum pump or continuous supply of gas required
  • Works well with all solvents