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Automation and Cost Savings Using Photometric Analysis for Food and Beverage Testing

Thermo Scientific Gallery and Gallery Plus are discrete photometric analyzers with a broad menu of industrial and environmental system applications.

by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific Gallery and Gallery Plus are discrete photometric analyzers with a broad menu of industrial and environmental system applications. Both instruments are easy to use, automated systems that allow laboratories to simplify their testing, and thus realize both time and financial savings. These new superior bench-top platforms offer a wide range of application areas in food & beverage, water and environmental testing and quality control. The Gallery and Gallery Plus bring excellent analytical performance to colorimetric, enzymatic and electrochemical measurements in a compact and affordable design. Simultaneous determination of several analytes from a single sample, and its many automated features ensure efficiency in analysis.

The Gallery’s high level of automation means that it is easy to operate. The analyzers arrive ready for immediate analysis. Start-up and shutdown protocols are automated and, once loaded, the analyzer automates all necessary steps, providing a walk-away time of up to two hours.

All food products require analysis as part of a quality control management program; they are analyzed throughout the development process, during productions and sometimes even after the product has been delivered to the market. The Gallery instruments have several parameters that can be predefined for specific applications, and a wide variety of reagents help to optimize the analysis in tests e.g. controlling fermentation processes, and monitoring water quality and ingredients in food samples. System reagents are available for different sugars, acids and alcohols, as well as nitrite, phosphate, sulphate, calcium, magnesium, total iron, total protein, urea, ammonia, and chloride. A wide range of calibrators are also available to support the testing process. The ready to use kits eliminate time-consuming reagent preparation steps allowing for additional cost savings.

The unique low-volume cuvette design makes it economical to use. It guarantees low reagent costs and minimizes the amount of reagent waste. Cuvettes are disposable, so there is no need for extra washing steps to prevent carry-over. Reagent kit sizes and on-board stability are optimized and bar-coded vials provide reliable and easy identification. In fact, the reagent usage and expiration date are automatically monitored in real-time.

The Gallery and Gallery Plus offer a compact design only requiring a small footprint, which is particularly attractive to laboratories with space limitations. The analyzers are fully self contained and they do not require external water or drainage, Also the uptime is maximized by minimal daily and weekly maintenance and the intuitive, self-guided graphical interface makes the Gallery and the Gallery Plus easy to learn, making operation and information management streamlined. The capacity of the Gallery Plus is up to 350 tests per hour. The on-board sample capacity is 54 and reagent capacity is 42 with the flexibility to load samples and reagents at any time without interrupting analysis.

The Thermo Scientific Gallery and Gallery Plus systems allow users to simplify their food, beverage and water testing to realize both time and financial savings. Once loaded, the system allows an analyst to walk away for several hours and return later to find accurate reliable results. The basis for Gallery’s flexibility and analytical excellence is in over 35 years of experience in developing analyzers and fulfilling high demands for reliability and quality.