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Titan of Titration

New line of instruments allows users to customize their titrator to their specific needs

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Those using titration in the lab got a new tool in their arsenal with Mettler-Toledo's launch of its new generation of Titration Excellence instruments last month. While the launch of a new line of titration instruments may not seem exciting, the Titration Excellence line is unique in the modularity it offers, allowing the systems to be confi gured and adapted to a lab’s existing and future needs.

“The new Titration Excellence line combines the utmost modularity in device confi guration with powerful and secure analysis to meet today's highly competitive environment,” Mettler-Toledo said in a release. “The launch of the new generation offers compelling benefi ts that enhance efficiency in daily laboratory work.”

The new systems also include all the benefits of older versions along with new features such as automated sodium determination, coulometric Karl Fischer titration, and an integrated SmartSample™ reader.

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The fully-automated direct sodium determination allows the user to analyze an entire sample series, saving time and increasing daily analysis throughput, and the modularity of the system now enables coulometric Karl Fischer titration to be performed on all instruments, allowing analysis of water content down to 1ppm.

The SmartSample reader included on all Titration Excellence instruments provides users with wireless data transfer from balance to titrator on single samples, eliminating transcription errors and mix-ups. In addition, the new systems also feature Mettler-Toledo's easy-to-use One Click® user interface, making operation simple and safe.

“This truly powerful titration system meets regulatory compliance and is tailored exactly to customers' needs,” the company concluded in its release.

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