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Titrator Buyer's Guide 2018

6 Questions to ask when buying a titrator

by Lab Manager
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6 Questions to Ask When Buying a Titrator

  1. What samples are you measuring?
  2. How precise is the titrant delivery system? Is the titrant delivery system certified for accuracy?
  3. Can additional titrants be used without having to purge burettes?
  4. What information is included in the titrator’s display and reports?
  5. Is the titrator limited to proprietary electrodes? What is the replacement cost for electrodes?
  6. Is the software field-upgradeable?
  7. What is the service and repair policy? Is on-site support offered? If something goes wrong with the meter, can it be fixed locally? What is the general turn-around time for repair?

Safety Tip

As titration involves the use of chemicals, you’ll want to follow some basic safety procedures, such as wearing safety goggles, a lab coat, and gloves. Wash any spills on clothing or skin immediately with plenty of water and inform whoever is in charge of the lab. For basic titrators, you’ll want to lower the burette to a comfortable height when reading or filling it. You’ll also want to use a funnel to fill the burette, and do so slowly in order to avoid splashing or spills.

Helpful Links

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