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Top 5 Questions About the Design Excellence Awards

Some helpful tips and suggestions for making your entry 

by Vaishna Rajakumar
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The fourth annual Design Excellence Awards are open for submission where applicants can compete for the coveted design excellence award in innovation, safety, or sustainability. Below are some of the top five questions about the competition and helpful tips and suggestions for making your entry.

Lab Manager Design Excellence Awards lab design

 Q: When is the deadline to enter?

 A: All entries must be completed, submitted, and paid for in full before March 17, 2023. 

Q: What is the entry fee?

A: The initial entry fee per lab is $300, to enter one of the categories. If you would like to enter the same lab into either one or both of the other categories, the entry fee is $400. You will only need to submit one entry packet for the lab you are entering. Your entry packet, however, should contain detailed information about why you are submitting this lab for each of the categories you have selected.

Q: What should be included in my entry packet? 

A: Your entry packet must be a PDF of 40 pages or less including but not limited to: the full official facility name, category submission, complete address, date of occupation, date of groundbreaking, cost per square foot/ meter, facility owner(s), submitting firm with contact details, project team embedded high-res images with captions and credit, floor plans, and photographer release forms. For a more detailed breakdown of the entry packet please check:

Q: What do the winners get? 

A: Winners for all categories will be mailed a plaque, or may accept their plaque in person at the Lab Design Conference on May 16-17 in San Diego, CA. You can visit for more information and to register for the event. Any Honorable Mention winners will be mailed a certificate. Only winners will be contacted. 

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions or problems with my entry?

 A: You may contact Lab Manager Design Excellence Awards at or MaryBeth DiDonna at . All questions related to completing and submitting entries must be received before the deadline of March 17, 2023.