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UCSD Chemistry Standardizes on Heidolph Radleys Findenser for Safety and Sustainability

In 2014 the State of California was in the midst of an unprecedented drought with a big drive from the State of California University Office of the President to save water.

by Heidolph

Findenser “a fantastic innovation” says University Of California Researchers

California University Office of the President to save water. Professor Seth Cohen of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) says "Safety culture improvement is a high priority at UCSD. When I was introduced to Findenser by Heidolph North America, I immediately saw the opportunity to eliminate costly floods that result from condenser hose leaks.”

How does it work?

Every lab has the typical stirring hotplate, heating block and water condenser set up for daily reflux. With the collaboration of a leading pharmaceutical company, Radleys has created the Findenser, super air condenser; shaking things up against the traditional glass condenser configuration. The super air Findenser comprises of an internal vigreux glass condenser and an external finned aluminum jacket, between which a small amount of water is permanently sealed. The aluminum jacket acts as a radiator resulting in high performance air cooling. Pair the Findenser with highest level of safety hotplate Hei-Tec and heat on blocks distributed by Heidolph.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced Water consumption.
  • Eliminating cumbersome hose connections that clutter valuable hood space, creating a safer, simpler environment in fume hoods
  • No risk of flooded labs from running water
  • Eliminate water purchase & disposal costs for water cooling condensers
  • Helps meet sustainable water reduction targets

Findenser Performance Testing

For synthesis with low boiling point solvents, Findenser showed a significant improvement in solvent retention. With acetone or DCM the reaction boiled dry when using an air condenser, yet Findenser retained 95% of the solvent under the same conditions.

Under identical conditions a standard Findenser retained solvent to the same level as a water condenser (with the exception of diethyl ether).

The Findenser standard size is recommended for maximum flask size of 2L with a maximum solvent volume of 1L. The Findenser mini is recommend with 250ml flask size. There are a variety of different joint sizes, adapters and accessories for the complete package. The maximum solvent boiling point is working with 155C while ambient operating temp. range is 0-60C.

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