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Because impurities can be a critical factor in many research experiments, water purity ranks high in importance.

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Water Purification and Filtration

**Updated Lab Water Purification Systems Article** (6/11/2009)

Because impurities can be a critical factor in many research experiments, water purity ranks high in importance. Impurities and contaminants, which include particulates, dissolved inorganics, dissolved organics, microorganisms, DNA, RNASE, and pyrogens, can adversely affect results. Applications such as HPLC require ultra pure water completely free of any impurities so that the results are the same in every situation.
When choosing a laboratory water purification system, the method must be matched with the application. According to About Pure Water and Water Purity Standards from APS Water Services, “You need to consider your application, the quantity of the water you need for your application, and the existing condition of your feed water. If you are performing HPLC, atomic absorption, mass spectrometry or gas chromatographic analyses, you will probably need a system that uses activated carbon, organic absorption, and deionization technologies. If you need bacteria-free water, then microporous filtration or ultrafiltration are better methods.”  
Hand in hand with the proper method is the consistency of the pure water. Julie Mulligan with Siemens notes, “All water purification systems may produce 18.2 megohm water, but not all have features that ensure high quality water is produced consistently.” That consistency can be the link to the quality and purity of the product water  — without it your sensitive test results could be compromised.
Mulligan suggests that when purchasing a system, you should, “Look for water systems with features such as multi-stage monitoring with internal quality sensors that can alert users when change-out is necessary.” In addition, “Regular maintenance on a lab water system is the best way to prolong the life of your water system investment as well as ensuring your system always runs at it's peak performance.”   

Thermo Fisher

The Thermo Scientific BarnsteadHigh Purity Lab Water Systems feature purification technologies, integrated within ergonomic, user-friendly designs. The Barnstead NANOpure® water system offers reliable, ultrapure water with easy operation and maintenance, and low operating cost. The application-specific models utilize cartridge packs tailored for specific feed water types and end uses. They provide for the most sensitive requirements, including: IC, ICP/MS, HPLC, GC/MS, HPLC and TOC determinations. These systems produce water that consistently achieves 18.2 megohm-cm resistivity and TOC values of < 1 ppb. The high-capacity cartridge packs, filters and UV lamps save up to 50% in annual operating costs.

Aqua Aqua Solutions Laboratory Water Purification Systems provide government, institutional, and commercial customers with systems that conveniently, economically, and reliably deliver the highest purity, reagent grade water for laboratory applications. Analytical, biological, and ultra-low TOC systems are easily installed and maintained by the end user. The systems feature continuous recirculation to maintain purity, can be bench, shelf, or wall mounted, and have a two-year warranty. RODI systems include built-in RO pre-treatment and run on ordinary tap water. The product line also includes Type II DI Systems, and Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment Systems.
labconco Labconco’s WaterPro® PS Polishing Stations, compact point-of-use water purification systems, deliver up to 1.8 liters/minute of Type I water. User may program to dispense water from 1 to 99 minutes after which, the dispenser automatically shuts off. The unpigmented bowls have no impurities, maintaining low TOC levels. The bowls accommodate combinations of deionization, carbon, and organic adsorption filter cartridges based on application requirements. Systems for general chemistry, analytical instruments and life science are offered. Each model includes a built-in water quality alarm that flashes actual water quality in megohm-cm to alert the user when water quality falls below a set point.



The Siemens PURELAB Ultra® Water Purification system offered by Siemens Water Technologies is an intelligent ultra-pure water purification system intended for your most demanding applications. PureSure contains a multi-stage monitoring system that ensures guaranteed 18 ?M-cm purity water consistently. It enables an advance warning of cartridge exhaustion and change-out, so your test results are not compromised. PureSure also provides a two-stage purification system for maximum removal efficiency so that impurities don't contaminate research water. In addition, the multistage purification design reduces annual running costs by 50%.