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Waters Improves and Extends Tandem Quadrupole MS Portfolio with Upgraded Xevo TQ-S Micro and New Xevo TQ-S Cronos

Designed for quantitative analysis, Waters' full portfolio of TQ MS systems make high performance and routine analysis accessible, robust, reliable

by Waters Corporation
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MILFORD, Mass. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT) today reinforced its tandem quadrupole mass spectrometry portfolio with upgrades to the Xevo™ TQ-S micro and the introduction of the new Xevo TQ-S cronos.

Waters Xevo TQ-S micro mass spectrometerThe Xevo TQ-S micro mass spectrometer features new performance enhancements that bring the quantitation of highly polar, ionic compounds in food to a higher level.Credit: Business WireThe highly-acclaimed Xevo TQ-S micro features new performance enhancements that bring the quantitation of highly polar, ionic compounds in food to a higher level. The Xevo TQ-S cronos is a new, tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer purposely-built for routine quantitation of large numbers of small-molecule organic compounds over a wide concentration range. The upgraded Xevo TQ-S micro and the new Xevo TQ-S cronos complement the sensitivity of the Waters high performance Xevo TQ-XS. They are also well suited to meet regulatory requirements for pesticide residue analysis, the monitoring for contaminants in processed foods, identifying drugs of abuse, and performing impurity profiling of pharmaceuticals. The updates to the Xevo TQ-S micro are inclusive of all systems, including in vitro diagnostic medical devices.

“Today’s quantitative laboratories are under pressure to increase sample throughput and reduce turnaround times, quantify more analytes per sample, and contend with more complex sample matrices,” said Mike Wilson, director, Mass Spectrometry Product Marketing. “Today’s introduction of the compact, versatile Xevo TQ-S micro and Xevo TQ-S cronos systems combined with the highly sensitive Xevo TQ-XS system ensure Waters’ tandem quadrupole MS portfolio can meet any customer’s quantitation needs across the board.”

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Both the upgraded TQ-S micro and new Xevo TQ-S cronos come with many of the signature features synonymous with the popular Xevo product line including the StepWave™ ion guide for long-lasting sensitivity and performance, tool-free probe maintenance and ionization source cleaning, a choice of ionization sources including UniSpray™ for analyzing a broader range of compounds with greater ionization efficiency, automated start up and system optimization provided by IntelliStart™, simplified method development and transfer with Quanpedia,™ and streamlined data review and processing with TargetLynx™ XS Software.

The Xevo TQ-S micro and Xevo TQ-S cronos are currently available for customer shipments worldwide.

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