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Webinar: Webinar: How to Reduce Operational Costs While Improving Instrument Throughput in Next Generation ICP-OES Instruments

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Webinar: How to Reduce Operational Costs While Improving Instrument Throughput in Next Generation ICP-OES Instruments
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How much does your ICP-OES instrument really cost you? Learn about new technology innovations that can drastically reduce your lab’s costs in this live webinar.

Live Air Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2015

ICP-OES instruments are routinely used for elemental analyses in environmental, industrial, and academic laboratories to analyze everything from soil, sludge, water, and wastewater to industrial materials and processes. Although performance characteristics should always be the prime concern when selecting a new instrument, buyers should also be aware of new developments in instrument design that can drastically reduce maintenance and operational costs while improving uptime and throughput. These savings can run to many thousands of dollars per year.

Key learning objectives:

  • Review/compare upfront and recurring costs of ICP-OES instrument ownership
  • Learn how these recurring costs have been engineered out of newer instruments
  • Learn how new instrument technology improvements can improve uptime and throughput


Dion A. Tsourides, director of product lines & application laboratories, SPECTRO Analytical Instruments–With more than 25 years of experience in optical emission spectroscopy, Dion began his career with SPECTRO in 1988 as an ICP-OES system specialist. In 1992, as ICP product manager, Dion helped to introduce the world’s first halogen-capable ICP OES instrument. In 1999 as global business unit manager, Dion’s team launched the world's first Rowland Circle, linear-based CCD ICP-OES system. His extensive applications and theoretical experience with ICP-OES includes multiple publications on halogens by ICP, volatile organics, ceramic slurries, high precision measurement, and ultra-trace semiconductor materials.

Mark Grey, vice president & general manager, SPECTRO Analytical Instruments – Mark began his career as a bench chemist more than 25 years ago working in a commercial environmental laboratory. From there he entered the analytical instrument sector as a field engineer, working primarily with ICP-OES instruments. Progressing into instrument sales and sales management, Mark now brings a unique perspective and understanding of customer requirements–both technical and financial–to instrument users in his present role as vice president and general manager of SPECTRO Analytical Instruments. He has been with SPECTRO for 11 years.