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Webinar: Webinar: Mass Spectrometry in Clinical Research with PerkinElmer

Tune into our live webinar to hear Sean Daugherty discuss the recent trends in mass spectrometry with regard to clinical research.


The development of more user-friendly, affordable and versatile MS techniques has enabled an increasing acceptance of MS for clinical research applications. This technique, especially when coupled with gas chromatography or liquid chromatography, is revolutionizing the analysis of many analytes.

This webinar will help you understand and apply the basic principles of mass spectrometry theory that are needed for the operation of mass spectrometry systems in the clinical research laboratory.

Sean Daugherty is currently Mass Spec Detection Technical Sales Specialist at PerkinElmer. He received his degree in analytical chemistry at the renowned kemikum at Uppsala University while working with mass spectrometry. He has since continued his work in chromatography and mass spectrometry in a wide breadth of countries and industries including pharmaceutical, biotech and clinical where his work has kept him at the cutting edge of chromatography and mass spectrometry. Sean brings a unique and insightful perspective to sample analysis with LCMS.