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Webinars: Enabling Process Automation in the Modern Laboratory

Enabling Process Automation in the Modern Laboratory

Join Lab Manager and our panel of experts as we discuss cobot technology and its positive impact in the modern laboratory

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Robot from Brooks Automation

Whether it’s labor shortages, quality issues, or capacity increases, there’s no shortage of reasons to automate laboratory testing and sample processing. Today’s modern laboratories are deploying collaborative robots to tackle these challenges. Also known as “cobots,” these lightweight robots are flexible, easy to program, and above all, safe to work right in shared space with your human employees, all without safety fencing.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about basic cobot technology, how cobots can enable small to large instrument clusters, and automate assays, incubation, or cold storage, vastly improving capacity and quality. Robot ROI will also be discussed, as well as emerging technologies such as mobile robots in today’s labs.


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