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2016 Product Resource Guide: Shakers & Rockers

Shakers and rockers are key pieces in many labs. Check out our resources for buying these instruments

by Lab Manager

9 Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Shaker or Rocker

  1. What type of motion does the instrument make? (Rocking, waving, small orbits, large orbits,Compact Digital Microplate ShakerThermo Scientific Compact Digital Microplate Shaker reciprocating etc.).
  2. Does the shaker or rocker have a timer and does the timer automatically shut the unit off when it counts down?
  3. Is the angle adjustable?
  4. What is the RPM accuracy?
  5. What is the RPM range and what increments can it be controlled in?
  6. What is the capacity of the unit (both for total weight and volume)?
  7. What accessories are available?
  8. What are the temperature and humidity operating conditions for the unit?
  9. What programming functions, if any, does the unit have?

How Does Your Lab Shake it Up?

Vortex Shaker 24%
Orbital Shaker 18%
Incubator Shaker 17%
Rocking Shaker 17%
Vibrating Shaker 10%
Biological Shaker 6%
Reciprocal Shaker 5%
Nutating Shaker 3%
Other 1%

Top 10 Features/Factors Respondents Look For When Purchasing a Laboratory Shaker

Durability/rugged design 67%
Low maintenance/easy to clean 53%
Shaking speed 46%
Simple operation–easy to program and monitor 41%
Compact design 33%
Low noise–quiet 32%
Warranty 28%
Minimal vibration 26%
Heating/cooling capability 26%
Electronic speed controls 24%


Looking for a New Shaker?

Lab Manager’s Shaker Product Finder utilizes a query-based system to quickly narrow the field of available shakers to those that specifically meet the requirements demanded by your application.