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7 Steps to Avoid Misunderstandings with Employees

Employees often suffer from the mixed or unclear messages they receive from management. In some cases, the expectations of the employee are never made clear. Sometimes employees are held to different standards and treated differently.

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1. Let employees know in advance about anything your company is doing that may affect them. If, for example, your company plans to change insurance carriers, let employees know this so they can schedule accordingly.

2. Get input from employees about changes in benefits that will affect them. This will make them feel you are listening to their concerns.

3. Let people know about any changes that relate to their departmental budgets - such as paycheck deductions or increases in production costs - months ahead of time, if possible, so they can plan for it.

4. Make sure all policies and procedures are written down.

5. Enforce policies, such as vacation and benefits policies, equally and fairly across the board.

6. Post job openings if you promote from within. Make job descriptions and qualifications clear so would-be applicants know exactly what's required.

7. Avoid creating a laundry list of don'ts in your policy manual. This patronizes your employees. Instead, give them positive guidelines.