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A New Frontier in Fluorescence Detection Sensitivity

Bringing the western blot into the 21st century

by Bio-Techne Corporation

Simple Western™ is a rapidly growing protein analytical platform that automates the detection and quantification of low abundance proteins in complex samples. As a fully automated capillary-based immunoassay housed entirely in a benchtop instrument, Simple Western overcomes the well-known limitations of the traditional western blot while providing unparalleled flexibility for protein analysis.

With these advantages, Simple Western users get the most data out of tiny sample volumes (as little as 3 µL) with quick time to results (as little as 3 hours). Featured in more than 1,200 publications and counting, Simple Western is a proven technology that not only streamlines workflows, but also generates quantitative, reproducible, and publication-ready results that raise the bar on scientific rigor in protein analysis.

Download the app note to learn more about how to improve your western blot workflows, courtesy of Bio-Techne.