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A Sample Prep Breakthrough

New microwave digestion technology increases accuracy while reducing time

by CEM Corporation
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CEM iWave in Mars6For the last 25 years, the fiber optic probe has been considered the gold standard for temperature measurement in microwave acid digestion, but a new technology from CEM Corporation aims to change that. The company’s new iWave technology is a novel contactless insitu temperature technology that will change how microwave acid digestion is done. iWave uses Light Emitting Technology™ (LET) that measures the temperature of the actual sample, not the outer surface of the vessel. The iWave technology provides the accuracy of a fiber optic probe but does not need a control vessel or the time-consuming set up.

“iWave is a true breakthrough. It represents one of the most significant advancements in microwave digestion in the last two decades. Temperature measurement and control are the most important parameters in microwave digestion. Now, for the first time, we are able to accurately measure the direct internal temperature of each vessel, which allows you to drastically simplify the overall process. This increased performance will expand the use of microwave digestion to new and more challenging applications,” said Michael J. Collins, president and CEO of CEM.

Collins added that iWave, which will be included in the company’s Mars 6 microwave digestion instruments, will be completely field upgradable so that their large customer base will be able to take advantage of the new technology.

“As pioneers of microwave chemistry, CEM continues to innovate with the goal of simplifying methodology, while improving performance,” Collins said. “iWave is the latest example of this innovation.”

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