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FreeZone® Triad® Freeze Dryers

by Labconco
Labconco knows lyophilization, having been a trusted supplier of freeze dryers to laboratories around the world for over forty years. FreeZone freeze dryers are well known for reliability because they’re built to the highest possible standards with superior materials. With the convenience of pre-freezing in the chamber, the flexibility of freeze drying in flasks or in bulk, and the built-in stoppering mechanism, Labconco’s FreeZone Triad® Freeze Dryer can handle the widest variety of samples.

Optimize Your Energy Usage – Labconco Makes It Easy

by Labconco
The Protector Echo™ and Airo™ fume hoods combine the fully-featured, patented containment-enhancing design of Labconco’s high-performance fume hoods with Erlab’s improved GreenFumeHood (GFH) filtration technology. Using enhanced Neutrodine® Unisorb Filters, the Echo efficiently filters more than 700 chemicals. This combination of performance and efficiency makes the Echo and Airo a great addition to any lab space.