Articles by Labconco

Protector® Echo™ Filtered Fume Hood

by Labconco

Labconco Corporation has combined its patented fully-featured Protector Hood design with Erlab’s GreenFumeHood (GFH) Technology to deliver a multi-use fume hood that requires no ducting. The Protector Echo delivers safety, energy savings, and adaptability to ever-changing laboratory spaces.

Safe Chemical Handling in the Purifier® Axiom™ Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

by Labconco

Abstract: A new Type of Class II BSC has emerged that will simplify the selection process and provide true flexibility in modern laboratories needing both chemical and biological protection. Along with 3rd party validation in biological challenges by NSF International®, the Purifier Axiom Class II BSC was put under
ASHRAE 110 containment testing for chemical hazards to verify its ability to handle chemical hazards as well as a fume hood.

Labconco Corporation Celebrates its 90th Anniversary

by Labconco

Labconco Corporation, Kansas City, Missouri, is pleased to announce its 90th Anniversary this year. Laboratory Construction Company, as it was first named, was founded by Phil Goldfisch and Ralph Callaway and started out in a small garage in downtown Kansas City back in 1925. The first products were Kjeldahl apparatus which made sense being in one of the largest milling towns used by local milling companies in the area.

ScrubAir Pipet Washer/Dryer

by Labconco

Water conservation has become a topic of interest in modern lab design. And in keeping up with current market needs, Labconco researched lab water usage and discovered one major sink hole — glass pipet washing.