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Articles by Paul Held

Modular & Flexible

by Dean Mulyk, Paul Held
Automated biological testing can take on many forms, ranging from individual instruments performing a single task to large, room-sized, custom-robotic systems capable of automating very complex tasks. In between these two extremes are simple modular automated systems designed to automate a select series of tasks necessary for a specific assay technology.

Automated Washer Platforms Benefit Bead-Based Multiplex Assays

by Jason Greene, Paul Held, Peter Banks, Andreas Rieger
Microplate-based multiplex assays, where microspheres are used as solid support matrices, provide simultaneous analyte analysis per well with lower background noise and reagent, consumable and sample costs compared to traditional ELISAs. Specifi

Dangers of Mycoplasma in Cell-Based Assays

by Paul Held
While other common types of contamination are usually quickly identified and/or treated, mycoplasma contamination often provides no clear symptoms but can wreak havok on assay results.