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Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown, MSc

Rachel Brown, MSc, is science writer/coordinator for Lab Manager.  Rachel holds a BSc from the University of Victoria and an MSc from the University of Alberta in systematics and evolution. Her thesis work explored the biology of a deep-sea species through histology (including SEM and TEM), computer modeling, and the development of a novel de novo next-generation sequencing (NGS) methodology for challenging specimens. Rachel then managed the NGS projects at a university genomics core lab in medicine—along with any other projects using shiny new technology—with a focus on developing methodologies for the core and problem-solving for researchers from diverse fields of study.

A passion for teaching and science communication led Rachel to run high-enrollment undergraduate biology labs, where she enjoyed fostering excitement for science, learning, and research techniques. There she launched initiatives to improve understanding of complex topics through the creation of interactive multimedia resources. This same passion underscores her work as a staff writer for Lab Manager, where she enjoys constantly exploring new topics. She particularly relishes the challenge of disseminating highly technical content in engaging, relevant ways through the integration of storytelling elements and illustrative writing. Continuing to help lab managers and researchers problem-solve and navigate lab issues is icing on the cake. She can be reached at

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