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Chemicals and Standards Buyers Guide

Purchasing the right chemicals is crucial for making reliable laboratory solutions.

by Lab Manager
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Chemicals must meet certain standards to ensure quality and consistency in order to obtain the best results. With so many chemical vendors, it’s important to ask the right questions and purchase the chemicals that best meet your needs.

6 questions to ask when purchasing laboratory chemicals

  1. Which chemical brands have been used previously in your lab? Have they met your standards?
  2. What grade of chemical do you require for your application?
  3. What storage solutions do the chemicals require (e.g. fireproof cabinet)? Does your lab have the means to safely store the chemical?
  4. What protective measures will you need to take when handling the chemicals? Does your lab have the means to safely handle the chemical?
  5. How much will you need to purchase? How often will it be used and when will it expire?
  6. What policies are in place at your institution for purchasing chemicals? Are there recommended manufacturers or will you need to go through a central purchasing service?

Safety Tip

There are several steps you should take upon your chemical’s arrival to ensure the safety of you and your lab workers.

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  • Review the SDS and store the document in a location that is easily accessible
  • Make sure that the chemical is being stored properly and with compatible chemicals
  • Educate your lab members on how to properly handle the chemical
  • Keep record of the chemical’s stock and clean out and dispose of any expired chemicals annually

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