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Cold Storage Buyer's Guide

Seven questions to ask when buying a cold storage unit

by Lab Manager
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Lab Manager's 2020 Cold Storage Buyer's Guide

7 Questions to Ask When Buying a Cold Storage Unit

Cold storage solutions are integral to storing valuable samples. Important considerations include the temperature and capacity required. Other features to consider include alarms and alerts for equipment malfunctions and energy efficiency. Most importantly, the cold storage unit you choose needs to be reliable and keep your samples safe no matter what.

  1. What temperature range will you require for storing your samples?
  2. How many samples do you have? What storage capacity will you require?
  3. Where will you be putting the freezer? Will there be enough clearance for adequate ventilation?
  4. Does a chest or upright freezer better suit your needs?
  5. How energy efficient is the cold storage unit?
  6. How does the cold storage unit perform? Does it maintain stable temperatures and how long does it take to cool down after opening?
  7. What additional features does it come with? (e.g. alarms, data logging, remote temperature monitoring)

Resource Guide

Freezers and refrigerators are an integral part of any laboratory that requires temperature-controlled storage. Download our resource guide for more articles about cold storage purchasing and maintenance.

Purchasing Tip

Cold storage units can be the largest users of energy in your lab. Energy efficient cold storage units have advanced features such as efficient cooling compressors, high-capacity air circulation systems, and advanced temperature sensors and controls to help maintain internal temperature with minimal energy use. When purchasing, look for units that are certified energy efficient by opting for models with ENERGY STAR designations.