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Compact Semi-Automated Benchtop Pipettors Boost Efficiency, Accuracy, and Flexibility

The microPro 300 with the new Dual Nest accessory.

The Avidien microPro 300 with the Dual Nest conversion accessory

The microPro 300 with the new Dual Nest accessory.

by Avidien
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Q: Do you need to accelerate and improve pipetting workflows without the budget, space, and time for fully automated liquid handling systems?

Handheld pipetting workflows introduce multiple concerns surrounding repetitive strain injuries, fatigue-induced errors, technique-based inaccuracies or inconsistencies, and reduced productivity levels. Automating liquid handling is the most effective way to address these concerns. Crowded lab benches, budget constraints, and/or lack of time, training, or expertise for programming requirements, however, can form barriers to adopting automated liquid handling platforms. Smaller semi-automated pipettors can offer an ideal solution, but many on the market still have bulky footprints and have reduced flexibility that may require more than one unit in operation.

A:A compact, modular semi-automated benchtop pipettor increases efficiency and flexibility.

The Avidien microPro 300 with the Dual Nest conversion accessory provides the smallest footprint on the market while improving flexibility and functionality. The microPro 300 improves accuracy with the semi-automated, easy-to-use software, and the means to set and store a virtually unlimited number of depth settings for containers and calibration settings for special liquids. The Avidien Dual Nest is easily installed to create a third labware position. Users can quickly and easily shift full plates left to right and make incremental single column adjustments allowing for partial plate filling. This also simplifies transfers and dilutions, while reducing handling of plates. Options allow for working in 96 and/or 384 well format.

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