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Compact Top Loading Autoclave for Labs with Limited Space

Priorclave QCS top-loading models are an ideal choice for laboratories with limited floor space

by Priorclave
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Priorclave QCS range of top loading autoclaves The superior load capability of the Priorclave QCS range of top loading autoclaves and proven reliability coupled with space-saving features will appeal to laboratory managers in diverse industrial sectors such as food, drink, dairy, pharmaceutical, agricultural, education, healthcare, as well as dedicated research establishments.  Their compact design and operational flexibility makes them ideal for sterilizing applications such as media preparation, liquids and diluent, waste, glassware instruments, and pieces of apparatus that need superior cleansing.

Available in a choice of chamber sizes, 100 and 150 liter capacities, they easily accommodate the tallest flasks, fermentors, and bioreactors, but cost one-third as much as a comparable front-loading autoclave.  Small and tall objects can be sterilised side-by-side in a single process, making these QCS top-loading models an ideal choice for laboratories with limited floor space.

Designed and built by Priorclave in its own dedicated British laboratory autoclave manufacturing center, the QCS top-loading autoclaves are bench-height and mounted on casters, making them easy to install, and ideal for flexible spaces and regularly reconfigured facilities.

The QCS top loading autoclaves are designed to improve a laboratories sterilizing efficiency, features such as delayed start and media warming function as standard for ready-to-pour media at the start of the day, forced air cooling as standard helping to reduce cycle times and automatic timed free-steaming as standard for improved air removal.

Programming the QCS top loading range of laboratory and research grade autoclave could not be easier.  Using simple push-button actuation on the Tactrol® programmable control panel, staff are guided through simple or complex multi-program set-up of temperature and time plus any required options such as free-steaming and media warming time.

During the autoclave build, an epoxy coating incorporating an anti-bacterial agent is applied to panels and frame. This is a highly effective and permanent treatment for control of harmful bacteria, making surfaces cleaner, more hygienic, and providing durable lifelong protection against the threat of cross contamination.  The epoxy finish is proven to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99% and is highly effective against MRSA, E.coli, Listeria, Legionella, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, and over 50 other species.

As with the majority of Priorclave laboratory autoclaves, access to the sterilizing chamber is achieve via the patented Quickseal single-action door opening/closing system which provides safe and secure one-handed operation. Lab staff safety is paramount therefore the door system incorporates thermal and pressure locks, prevent opening at elevated load temperature above 80oC and pressures above 0.2bar.

The QCS EV100 and QCS EV150 top-loading autoclaves are part of the Priorclave brand which is renowned for its superior build quality and reliability and join a comprehensive range of over 60 standard autoclave models including benchtop autoclaves, front loading autoclaves, double-door autoclaves, powerdoors, and stackable laboratory autoclaves.

All Priorclave autoclaves comply with current UK, EU, US, and Canadian safety regulations and are manufactured under an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system in Priorclave’s UKAS-accredited facility.