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Customized Evaporation

System’s modular platform allows users to adapt to their changing needs.

by Lab Manager
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BUCHI has launched a new rotary evaporator that can grow with the lab. 

The new Rotavapor® R-300 is based on a flexible, modular platform that can be easily adapted to individual needs ranging from a simple manually-operated rotary evaporator to a fully automated, complete system. 

“Globally, our customers were expressing their desire to configure a rotary evaporator according to their unique requirements,” explained Dr Rudolf Hartmann, evaporation product group manager at BUCHI. “The Rotavapor® R-300 has been designed as a modular system to accommodate that need, offering maximum flexibility with options for central interface, heating bath, glass assembly, pump, and chiller.” 

The system also aims to make evaporation easier and quicker, freeing up time in the lab for other work. 

"In many laboratories, the evaporation of solvents takes up a lot of time that [scientists] would prefer to spend on more complex tasks,” said Dr Hartmann. “So we looked for a way to relieve users of the routine work while keeping them up to date with the status of the process." 

The system features control of all process parameters such as heating bath, vapor and coolant temperature, rotation speed, and system pressure, with all of that data available in one place to make things more convenient for users. 

In addition to being user-friendly, another main feature of the new system is its AutoDest automatic distillation mode which allows for unattended operation of even complex formulations. BUCHI’s new vacuum pump, the new V-300, has also recently been released, providing the option of noiseless vacuum for the new evaporator. Eco-friendly recirculating chiller options are also available. 

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