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Electron Microscope Price, including Cost of 50 Different Models

A comprehensive guide to electron microscope models, prices, and cost considerations

Damon Anderson, PhD

Damon Anderson, PhD, is the technology editor at He can be reached at

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In the over 50 years since the electron microscope was first commercialized, a diverse market of instruments and components has come into view with a wide range of prices.

According to the type, configuration, components, resolution, and other important factors, instruments can cost $75,000 - $10,000,000. New scanning electron microscopes (SEM) can cost $70,000 to $1,000,000, while used instruments can cost $2,500 to $550,000 depending on condition. 

Before searching for new, used, or refurbished instruments, however, it’s important to identify the right device, not just for your budget, but for your needs and intended applications.

This article details the price factors and considerations involved in purchasing new or used electron microscopes. View the full article, including questions to ask, price breakdown by manufacturer, and more at our partner page,