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eMolecules and World Fusion Partner to Empower Researchers to Advance Drug Discovery

New system will enable existing customers to purchase chemical compounds and antibodies

by eMolecules,World Fusion
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San Diego, CA - eMolecules Inc. and World Fusion US, Inc. today (Apr. 14) announced a global partnership resulting in the integration of eMolecules’ drug discovery ecommerce solutions with World Fusion’s “Life Science Knowledge Bank” (LSKB).

“We are really excited about the opportunities that this partnership creates and we view this as a great start in our vision of enabling the Japanese marketplace to reduce the time and cost of drug discovery” said Dr. Niko Gubernator, CEO at eMolecules, Inc. “Not only does this partnership extend our reach into the Japanese marketplace, but the integration of World Fusion’s LSKB informatics platform with eMolecules’ supply chain intelligence further empowers our US and European customers in their quest to discover new drug therapies.” 

eMolecules is driven to remove the fear, hurt and heartbreak of health problems worldwide, by enabling scientists to accelerate their research to find the cures. To achieve this eMolecules provides business intelligence data and integrated ecommerce software for screening compound, chemical building blocks and primary antibody supply chains. These tools combined with their acquisition, aggregation and analytical services greatly empower drug discovery researchers working in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academia, CRO, and agrochemical industries. 

“Together with eMolecules, we are excited about the potential of the new LSKB system, which enables existing customers to purchase chemical compounds and antibodies” said Kozo Kawahara, Chief Executive Officer of World Fusion US, Inc. LSKB users will now be able to identify interactions between protein targets and chemicals or well defined disease target proteins and purchase all the available compounds. “eMolecules users will be able to use this new tool to predict target proteins or find similar structure-based compounds based upon compounds they have already purchased, something that is not generally possible without strong informatics data. We see this partnership giving researchers the easiest way to move from purchasing to R&D. “

LSKB is a BioMed and chemical research platform that uses database knowledge and several prediction algorithms, including diseases, genes and proteins, variants, chemicals and interactions to build several algorithms and text mining. World Fusion offers a free version of LSKB with limited functionality and a personal version of LSKB, which can be used for either BioMed research purposes or chemical research purposes. The full-functionality version called LSKB Suite is also available for industrial users. Users can access to eMolecules from any version of LSKB.

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