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Formal training can help labs create better operations and management systems and improve performance for greater competence and consumer confidence

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Quality Management Systems for a Successful Laboratory

Improving laboratory systems and operations enhances productivity and efficiency, and helps laboratories achieve their objectives. Despite the benefits of implementing quality management systems, many laboratories are hesitant due to a lack of knowledge and the number of requirements for those seeking accreditation. Implementing a quality management system requires individuals with the expertise to design, document, manage risk, and audit the system. Management systems courses teach participants the concepts and skills necessary to increase efficiency, competency, and confidence when performing operations. In turn, this knowledge enables laboratories to gain a greater level of consumer confidence and achieve accreditation.

Improving Individual and Organizational Performance Through Competency-Based Learning

Competency-based learning relies on an individual mastering a single skill or competency before moving on to the next to achieve a larger learning goal. This model can be designed to align with specific organizational goals to maximize engagement, knowledge, and skills acquisition. Competency-based learning also ensures that participants take away knowledge and skills required to improve their individual performance as well as that of the organization. With this approach, instructor-led training covering international standards, quality systems, technical tools, and soft skills develops confidence and consistency within the organization. Opting for onsite training saves the time and expense associated with travel to off-site training locations and offers the additional benefits of highly tailored content and team building exercises.

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Flexibility Without Sacrificing Quality

Despite the benefits of instructor-led training, there is growing demand for high-quality e-learning and online resources that offer greater flexibility without sacrificing the quality of education. Accurate measurement is critical in every laboratory, and high-quality metrology training is essential for good results. E-learning eliminates the cost and inconvenience of traveling to attend courses, and enables technicians to learn, maintain, and update their skills at their own pace to ensure accurate, reliable measurement practices. It is especially useful for training new hires, and providing refresher training to ensure current employees remain well-versed in the principles of metrology. Online assessments, documents, and certificates of completion streamline record keeping, which is especially useful during audits.

Transitioning Knowledge into Practice

Instructor-led training and e-learning help to establish a strong foundation of knowledge and skills required to improve competency within an organization and help to achieve accreditation. The next challenge lies in understanding gaps and areas that require improvement and applying this knowledge to enhance the organization’s operations and processes. Pairing consulting services with instructor led-training or e-learning ensures organizations have the support and resources required to achieve their goals. A consultant can help identify gaps and provide assistance in areas ranging from risk and process management and conformity assessment requirements, to regulatory compliance, and Quality Management System. To meet the demand for a full-service solution, the newly established A2LA WorkPlace Training (A2LA WPT) offers instructor-led training and e-learning resources, previously offered by A2LA, in addition to consulting services. Whether seeking guidance in the development of quality management systems or reviewing best measurement practices, A2LA WPT offers instructor-led, e-learning, and consulting solutions to support your laboratory on the path to a higher standard of quality.

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