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Tips for Buying a Laboratory Freeze Dryer/Lyophilizer

Freeze Dryers/Lyophilizers

What to ask when buying a freeze dryer for your laboratory, and other helpful tips

by Lab Manager
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SP Scientific Hull LyoStar 4.0 Research and Development Tray Freeze Dryer,
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Freeze dryers (or lyophilizers) are often used for food processing and culture storage to increase the shelf life of pharmaceutical products and vaccines, among other applications. These instruments remove water or other solvents from a frozen product via sublimation and there are many different styles to choose from, each suited to the required task. For a list of freeze dryer/lyophilizer manufacturers, see our online directory:

6 Questions to Ask When Buying a Freeze Dryer or Lyophilizer:

  1. Which solvents are you using? 
  2. What type of samples will you be processing, and how much liquid do 
  3. they contain?
  4. What collection capacity will your samples need?
  5. What format are your samples in? 
  6. What type of vacuum pump do you need?
  7. Are there any other accessories you will require?


If you need more information on how to choose the best freeze dryer for your lab, how to operate and maintain the unit, and the latest options on the market, our Freeze Dryer Resource Guide eBook has you covered. Download it here:

Purchasing Tip

If your freeze dryer is ruining samples, constantly breaking down, and needs frequent maintenance, it’s probably time to buy a new one. When making your choice, finding out the freezing points and volumes of the samples you need to lyophilize is a good place to start to ensure you select a new unit that provides the right temperature and has sufficient capacity.