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Global Food Safety Partnership Announced

RIKILT Wageningen UR recently kicked off Collab4Safety.

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RIKILT Wageningen UR recently announced Collab4Safety. In this European project, parties from around the world will be working together to tackle current and future issues in the field of food safety.

RIKILT Wageningen UR
RIKILT Wageningen UR

The fact that countries from different continents are taking part is important. After all, the way in which food safety is addressed in Brazil may be different than in the Netherlands, whereas we do have Brazilian products on our shelves.

The increasing complexity and globalization of the food supply has an impact on the safety of our food. This can have consequences for the health of the consumer, food production systems and trade relations.

Collab4Safety will start by cataloguing information about research, research methods, knowledge and innovation, training activities and legislation in the field of food safety in the different countries. The similarities and differences will then become visible. Subsequently, recommendations will be made about possible collaboration, prevention and control measures in the food chain, etc.

Collab4Safety has a duration of 4 years. The participating countries are the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Russia, Poland, China and Brazil.